We’re Ready for Facebook’s New Reactions Rollout, How About You?

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First things first, let’s take a minute to openly discuss how obsessed we are with Facebook’s success. Seriously, think about it. They’re home to the largest portal of unique and share worthy content on the world wide web, yet they do little to no actual content creation. Crazy, right? A couple days ago, chief product officer Chris Cox confirmed the upcoming rollout of Facebook’s new development, Reactions. The like button is finally being put to bed, and reactions are now the new hot thing.

When scrolling through your newsfeed, you have the option to stamp each post with an appropriate reaction. The rumored reactions? Like, love, wow, sad, angry, maybe even laugh out loud. For obvious reasons, Cox nixed the idea of a dislike button. He felt like it would sow the seeds of extreme negativity, and Facebook really doesn’t need any more of those interactions, right?

We personally can’t wait for this new rollout. We think it speaks to Facebook’s growing desire for innovation, which is a standard that’s also mirrored in the Slick Text office.

How do you think your business will make use of these new reactions? We already have a whole slew of ideas in the works.

*Anxiously awaits rollout*

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