Video Previews in App Store Offer Limited ROI

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Head over to the App Store. Note that most of your favorite apps offer a video preview. Video marketing is a great way to promote your product or service, but recent research shows that this method proves unsuccessful in the App Store. It’s no secret that the attention span of the average consumer lasts a period of seconds. You don’t have minutes to engage with a potential customer. This alone makes video previews in the app store questionable.

Back in September, when Apple released iOS 8, app marketers were thrilled. They could now use video to engage potential buyers. Most developers created a preview of their app in this video, and as it came to a close, pushed the sale.

A few months later, this update proved to be less than thrilling. First things first, marketers must consider the cost of this video preview. Naturally, you want to create an appealing and top of the line clip, so chances are, you’re sinking hundreds, even thousands of marketing dollars into this initiative.

On top of that, competition in the App Store is no joke. A fellow competitor could launch an updated version of your app within a matter of 24 hours. If this happens, you’re forced to tweak your app to match the most updated version. Now, where does this leave your video preview? Obviously, it would be wise to invest in an updated clip. This turns into a cyclical process, where you’re never really done paying for video previews.

Recent changes to Apple’s video guidelines also make it difficult for any old clip to make it through. You could spend hours upon hours developing an awesome video, only for it to be rejected. So, keeping all these setbacks in mind, does it really make sense to invest in a video preview for your app? We think not.

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