Text Message Marketing. A Success for TAO Nightclub.

Text message marketing for nightclubsMore people use their mobile device to access the Internet than computers. This is a fact, not an assumption. Furthermore it is expected that the number of people who access the web through their phones will only increase in the upcoming year. Thus, text message marketing is something that your brand must start using NOW if you’ve yet to get with the program. Here we will look at one particular case of text marketing and how it helped TAO nightclub evolve.

A Look at TAO Nightclub

For a nightclub to be successful the dance floor has to be filled with bodies shaking and moving and grooving to the music while enjoying drinks and great times with friends. TAO nightclub started things in this fashion, but unfortunately things did not stay quite so thrilling for them, and a dwindling dance floor also meant a bank account that was hurting.

TAO quickly turned to text message marketing to get them out of this bind. They used their creativity and the right timing to turn those empty dance floors into something new.  With an already established text marketing list of about 6,000 people, TAO Nightclub used those people to invited people to an event. But, there was more. If your joined their club you would get a nice reward and a discount at the door.  The secret to success for TAO was the timing. They sent their text messages out only on the day of the event. This increased the hype about the events and made these nights seem truly impressive (which, by the way, they really were.) TAO didn’t use the same boring messages that so many other business use. They personalized the messages and kept them fun and friendly. It was more like a friend telling you about this can’t miss event instead of a marketing message.

The first run of this program proved to be successful. When the results were tallied, there were an extra 220 people in the club on this particular night, and an additional profit of $1,770made. But that’s only the start. Drinks are always an important part of the club and party-goers were not shy about getting their drink on. TAO sold an additional $4,400 in drinks as well!

This prompted TAO to get into action and now these text message marketing plots are a common part of the marketing process of this nightclub.

Even if you are not a nightclub owner your business can still benefit from text marketing, and take a few lessons from TAO while you’re at it. Remember that while you want to put out a great message and an exciting offer, timing it right is very important and any great offer will go untouched if it is not sent at the right time. Sending messages the day of your big event adds to the suspense and excitement of things, and it really works. When you do more than the average business you can also find worth. This means sending out messages that talk to the customer in a friendly manner rather than like a business message.