Text marketing Not-for-Profit Survey Results

Text Marketing - Non Profit StyleText donations are on the rise, and more and more charities are realizing how beneficial sms can be when it is time to raise money or awareness for their organization. Usage of text marketing for donations rose from 33% in 2012 to 49% in 2013, and there’s no question about it: Things will continue to rise in the future.

In a recent survey for Not for Profit companies, it found that 35% of 592 charities asked have a mobile site, and 48% of the rest  with plans to create one in the near future. In addition there has been an increase in mobile optimized emails, with a 16% increase to 36% in 2013. That number is expected to rise to about 41% in the coming months.

The use of QR codes has also increased in the 2013 year. The QR code usage rate is now at 25%, up from 10% in 2012. Despite this increase this is not expected to be a continuing trend.

In 2012 only 12% of charities used mobile engagement during their local campaigns, however the survey results showed that 26% plan to do so next go round.

This survey is conducted each year. It is conducted by Blackbaud as it has been since 2004.