South Dakota Text Message Bans

South Dakota Texting BanHow would you feel about paying $100 to send a text message? If the governor approves, the state of South Dakota could become one of the next states to make it illegal to text and drive. This bill would come after years of dispute between the State Senate and the House of Representatives. The ticket would only be given to drivers who were puled  over for other offenses.

Texting while driving has deadly consequence, and this new law is being put in place to bring light to that effect. It is designed to keep all people on the road safe.

The new proposal is an effort brought on by the community.

While the laws on texting and driving vary from state to state, most have implications on it. Currently South Carolina and Montana are among the states without any provisions. Other states do have provisions in place that prohibit drivers from texting. Those states include Nevada, Alabama, New Hampshire and Alaska among others.

Some states have even incorporated strict and very detailed regulations for texting while driving. New Jersey  has a text messaging law in place that puts a handheld ban for texting on all drivers, along with a ban on all cell phone use for novice drivers, or those who are under 21, and a ban on cell phone use by bus drivers.

California has similar laws in place, although the law on novice drivers is secondary law. In Connecticut things are the same as in California, but the first state I far tougher on those who are found to be in violation. Delaware and Washington, D.C. also have similar laws in place.

Primary law in Pennsylvania bans all drivers from text messaging while they are en route, while New York is in work of establishing the same type of ban. In Florida there is  a law against texting for all drivers.

A ban on texting while driving can save lives, and now South Carolina is joining the same efforts a many other states to help with this goal.