Redbox Text Message Marketing Success

Redbox Text Message MarketingRedbox has been around for a few years now. The movie-kiosk rental company was the first of its kind, and the popularity of the instant, credit-check free, dollar rentals skyrocketed quickly.

Text message marketing was around when Redbox began, but it wasn’t so commonly used like it is these days. Fast forward to 2014, and text marketing is the easiest, most preferred method of contact for most customers.  The movie rental giant has taken the plunge into text message marketing, and the dive was perpetrated with great success.

Recently, Redbox began offering a free movie rental for customers who signed up for their SMS marketing list. All the customer has to do to take advantage of the free movie rental is enter their cell phone number and subscribe to the deals list to take advantage of the freebie. Not only do customers get this one-time deal, regular coupons, promotions and savings are also sent to the cell phone number provided.

Their first bout with text message marketing proved just as successful, when, in 2011, the company was able to capture 40,000 customers in a period of just 10 days. The company properly constructed their campaign for success, and this was exactly what they were able to attain.

If you’re like most people, getting that free movie is something that you’re ready to do. Go ahead and sign-up for that list by texting SIGNUP to 727272. You will receive a reply confirmation after your message is sent. This message also includes your free movie rental code that should be entered when prompted during the kiosk movie rental process.