Readers Digest Introduces Text Marketing for Advertisers

Readers Digest Text MarketingReader’s Digest, a monthly  magazine, has started a text marketing program that enables their advertisers – brands like Nature’s Bounty and Geico- to connect directly with their customers and the offers they have made available.

With this new marketing stream initiated by Reader’s Digest their readers have a faster, easier way to take advantage of the offers being made available. The text marketing program began in the January 2014 issue, with several different retailers taking advantage of what was offered. There was a total of 25,000 text messages received with their advertisers from this issue.

This is the first time that Reader’s Digest has opted to use text message marketing. Before this time they depended upon email, regular snail mail and of course the online site to market and interact with their customers. But, times have changed and these days customers want to be contacted by SMS rather than other methods. It just makes sense to integrate a program that gave them what they wanted.

There were 3 million January issues of Reader’s Digest printed, and they offered a second cover after the first that advertised this new technology and urged customers to turn the page over to get in on the fun. Once the page turned they had their choice of nine different text to win contests. The rules were simple: text the code of the contest that you wanted to enter and you’re done. The prize was a Kindle Fire, of which a total of 5 prizes were available.

Since the January launch of the text message marketing campaign things have been successful and Reader’s Digest has had even more sponsors sign up to join in on the fun in upcoming issues of the magazine. Geico even ran their own text campaign in the issue. For those who text Geico to the special short code, a joke was sent back to their phone. The text message also included a link to their website.

There were billboards put up at Grand central Station and on Times Square in New York to advertise the new text marketing plan and encouraging readers to text to receive the digital version of the January issue.

Along with the SMS introduction, Reader’s Digest also introduced a new, modern look that enabled gold Mobile platform to take place. This enabled the sweepstakes, offers and other interaction, all available with only a cell phone. Furthermore the mobile edition of the magazine contained additional materials, including articles and videos, designed only for mobile users. The ultimate goal with the program is to enable customers to interact with their brands and get a closer perspective of the magazine itself. Customer engagement is always important, and this is a new step toward success.

This is just one example of how Reader’s Digest is taking steps toward improving their readership and engaging more mobile users.  In addition to making improvements to their mobile device there were also  redesigns for the Kindle Fire, the Nook and for the iPad as well. Since around 35% of all Reader’s Digest readers access their magazine via mobile device, offering this new program was something that enabled Reader’s Digest to do more than ever before.