Push Notification Opt In Doubles Average Mobile App Retention Rate

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Kahuna, one of the top leaders in mobile marketing automation, released a report today that analyzed app opt in and retention rates. This report also detailed the effects of automation, or lack thereof. The research includes data collected from over 39 million mobile users. This annual report influences mobile marketing and automation trends, and the team at Slick Text finds this information imperative to planning. Here are some of the key takeaways from this mobile benchmark.

  • Opt in makes a difference.
    Short term and long term retention rates for those who have agreed to push notifications are double, compared to those who haven’t opted in. For opted in users, the 30 day audience retention rate increases by 125%, while the average 60 day retention rate increases by 150%. It keeps on climbing, as the average 90 day retention rate increases by 180%.
  • Engagement and automation rules vary with each vertical.
    The highest opt in rate was observed in the Travel & Transportation, boasting a whopping 78%, while the lowest was Medical, Health, and Fitness, which brought in 35%.
  • Android takes the win over iOS.
    While the standard push notification opt in rate is 62%, Android stampedes iOS with 78%. iOS surprisingly only experiences a 46% opt in rate.
  • Timing is critical.
    Each consumer has an advanced bias and perspective. They refuse to opt in to push notifications that aren’t highly targeted, relevant, or valuable. At the same time, users understand that these push notifications are necessary to app functionality and usability. Lack thereof only allows for a generic cookie cutter experience. 

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