Politicians Rely on SMS Marketing to Leverage Campaign Support

SMS Marketing for Politicians

The bids for the 2016 presidential campaign are slowly rolling in, so this is a perfect time to discuss SMS marketing for politicians. Senator Ted Cruz launched the first noteworthy political SMS marketing campaign a few weeks ago. As the rates of mobile device usage soar, this marketing method is becoming a valuable and obvious option. Cruz used SMS marketing to help raise funds for his presidential campaign, as well as spread awareness about key issues. The Republican party paved the way to mobilization with this campaign, and it’s only expected that the Democrats will soon follow suit.

What makes SMS marketing a good choice for politicians? Aside from the obvious (affordability and immediacy), it also trumps all previously used marketing methods. Remember the days of campaign call centers? Hundreds, even thousands, of volunteers would gather together in a central location. Each volunteer would have a long list of numbers to call, and attempt to rally up support for their candidate. Here’s the problem with that technique. What if the person they’re calling doesn’t answer? Then the caller might leave a voicemail, but that doesn’t have near the same effect. There is huge chance that the receiver won’t return the call, and as a result, they might potentially lose that vote.

Recent data has proven that around 98% of all text messages are opened. This is wildly successful, compared to the pickup rate of a phone call from a number you don’t recognize. Cruz also used textwords that were meant to inspire the nation and subliminally suggest change and progression. For example, for one of his campaigns he encouraged supporters to text the word IMAGINE to the designated short code. Politicians can use textwords to elicit feelings of hope and promises of change.

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