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28 Mar 2014

Starbucks Wins the Text Marketing Contest

SMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is something that Starbucks isn’t taking lightly. The large corporation led a recent text marketing campaign that proved they were out to make a statement. This recent effort offered customers the chance to play a truly amazing trivia contest, with an awesome prize the possible reward. Plus, the […]
27 Mar 2014

TextualAds, the New Text Marketing Facebook App

TextualAds is a new Facebook app that was recently launched to help bring together two of the most powerful –and most desired –methods of marketing –social media and text marketing.   Together with Fan Pages the new app asks  consumers to opt-in to receive offers from specially selected brands that may fit within their desires.  […]
26 Mar 2014

Jack Daniels goes March Madness With New Text Marketing Campaign

Jack Daniels, the popular brand of whiskey, made March Madness a little more exciting this year, and made one person very happy with a sweepstakes prize good for a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the 2015 March Madness. This was a sweepstakes conducted via text marketing, and Jack Daniels is one of the latest […]
23 Mar 2014

Don’ Miss Out on Text Marketing

UK consumers want to hear from brands and interact with them, and they want to do this via their mobile devices. A recent Warc survey compiled results recently that directly indicated this wish. More than half of all residents of the UK preferred communication via text message. The Warc survey included more than 1,570 mobile […]
21 Mar 2014

Chipotle Proves Text Marketing Works

Chipotle is going where no company has gone before. They have introduced a new video series via text marketing, and there’s a sweepstakes included. This large burrito chain is calling this sweepstakes ‘Farmed and Dangerous,’ and it is being launched on Hulu. The episodes feature a prompt for viewers to text a keyword into the […]
21 Mar 2014

Readers Digest Introduces Text Marketing for Advertisers

Reader’s Digest, a monthly  magazine, has started a text marketing program that enables their advertisers – brands like Nature’s Bounty and Geico- to connect directly with their customers and the offers they have made available. With this new marketing stream initiated by Reader’s Digest their readers have a faster, easier way to take advantage of […]
20 Mar 2014

Burger King Losing Money With Text Marketing Approach?

Burger King was well aware of how well text marketing has helped businesses over the past several years. So the fast food giant decided to step their brand and product awareness up and take part in the text marketing action. However, things didn’t go quite as planned; Burger King failed to initiate a critical element […]
20 Mar 2014

Sip & Win with Pepsi

Pepsi is no stranger to text marketing. They’re a brand that has long relied on this form of marketing, and they continue to do so with complete confidence that it is going to accomplish exactly what they want –interaction with customers and more awareness to the brands and products. A new mobile campaign from Pepsi […]
20 Mar 2014

Legos & Yogurt Go Hand in Hand With Text Marketing Campaign

Warner Brothers and Dannon, two names familiar and enjoyable to most of us, have learned just how effective text message marketing really is. Neither company had used this form of marketing until recently when the pair teamed together to create one outstanding campaigns . This campaign included of a new exciting yogurt for children, the […]
22 Feb 2014

Hooters Super Bowl Text Marketing Campaign Gains 50,000 New Subscribers

Hooters has long used text marketing to bring awareness to its brand, however the company has recently added an improved strategy to its marketing scheme during a recent Super Bowl themed campaign. State of Text helped Hooters kick off this text marketing campaign. Customers needed to  text the keyword  ‘football’ to the short code provided. […]