New SMS Program May Help Smokers Quit with Supportive Messages

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Picture this: a text messaging intervention. You’re about to pick up your first cigarette on a stressful Monday morning. Just as go to light up, you hear one new text notification, and boom. You stop right in your tracks. You open the message up, and are greeted with a supporting message that makes you think twice about your harmful habit. You put the cigarette back in its container and opt for a sip of coffee instead. How cool is this concept?

These text messages provide support, education, and intervention. Not only does this program play to the near market saturation of text messaging, it also uses this trend for the greater good.

The messages of support can be as simple as “You can do this!” or “Keep up the good work!”

Now, keep in mind, from a compliance perspective, recipients of these messages need to clearly opt in to this program. You can’t just target “smokers” around the nation, and start firing out unsolicited text messages. Also, the message frequency must be clearly stated upon opting in.

Although this idea seems productive on the surface, more research still needs to be done. For example, there may be certain messages that have a greater effect than others. On top of this, some people may respond well to this program, while others may find it irritating.

We’re totally obsessed with this idea. With a bit more testing, we think it’d be an effective and modern solution. What a cool way to use SMS for a personal health goal. We’d love to partner up with a program like this in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an SMS marketing provider that understands the value of consistent text messaging campaigns, give us a ring. You can reach us at 1.800.688.6290, or shoot us an email,