Location Based Initiatives Grow in the Mobile Sector

Text Messaging Service

Location based targeting is the new hot thing in the mobile world. And if you step back to reflect, this initiative makes tons of sense. Gone are the days of sending out mobile offers to unqualified users. Why not offer the mobile user a targeted experience based on location?

As one of the top text messaging services, we actually encourage our customers to segment their list based on location. By doing so, users can then reach out to certain subscribers with specific, geographic based incentives. This then increases offer redemption, and overall return on investment.

When tapping into location based marketing, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

1. How are you going to use this segmentation ability to increase sales?

Location based targeting gives you tons of marketing power. How are you going to make use of this, and take full advantage of its effectiveness? Come up with multiple different ideas, turn them into campaigns, and then measure the effectiveness of each.

2. Remember, your competitors are probably using the same location based targeting, so how will you distinguish your company among the masses?

Let’s say you own a bar and grill in downtown Manhattan. It’s safe to say that at least 100 restaurants near you are also taking advantage of geographic segmentation. How will you tempt people to stop into your restaurant, instead of the one next door?

3. Once you pull in these potential customers, how will you ensure that they come back?

Location based targeting is great for first time customers, but if you don’t give them the experience they want, they won’t come back. You want to build and grow your business, so don’t always rely on location based traffic. Get them in the door with geographic targeting, and then encourage a second visit by providing a top level experience.

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