Instagram Responds to Demands with Photo Resizing Options

instagram photo resizing

It’s no secret, our social media obsessed generation hates blurry, stretched photos. It totally ruins the browsing experience, and doesn’t allow for much visual appeal. Facebook already resizes photos to fit different devices, and has now pushed Instagram to offer this same option. A couple weeks ago, you simply couldn’t resize your Instagram photos to fit that square frame. You had to use a third party app like Instasize to create a new photo, and then share that on Instagram.

Now, users can resize their photos with a simple click and drag. This new functionality creates a better user experience, for both sharing and browsing. Now, while scrolling through your feed, you can see high quality images. A few days ago, Instagram actually admitted, that prior to the latest update, only one in five photos actually fit the sharing window. People were getting cut out of group shots, and videos were blurry.

We’re definitely happy about this change, and think it’s been a long time coming. Your photos shouldn’t resemble amateur shots, especially if you’re putting in the time and effort to curate an eyecatching collection.

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