Instagram Integrates Trending News Function in Search and Discovery

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Instagram announced today that they will now feature trending stories and events on the Explore page. This tab has been revamped to show popular tags and places. What makes functionality like this so important? Is this a necessary upgrade, or just a search accessory? Let’s put it this way. Now, more than ever, mobile app users are looking for personalization. They shy away from heavy search work, and instead want a curation of applicable content. Instagram now strives to provide just that. Instead of forcing users to do detailed searches, Instagram has become an authoritative figure for trending content. You can now use this new functionality to “scout out your next vacation spot” or stay on top of the latest product hashtag trends.

This new update will first roll out to residents of the United States, and then be made available to other countries soon after.

Curated collections will now feature content from top influencers, such as artists, musicians, and fashion moguls. This functionality allows the best and most qualified content to appear in your search feed, instead of spam worthy photos. This search functionality enhancement is sure to encourage more user engagement, and in general, provide a better user experience. We always recommend mobile app developers keep their platforms fresh with updates that cater to usage habits of the mobile majority.

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