How Three Major Companies are using Text Marketing

Macy's text message marketingNational brands, including Macy’s, 7-Eleven, and Caribou Coffee have increasingly been using text message marketing to drive sales, and with the incorporation of this mobile strategy, great results have been seen.

Macy’s used text marketing during Labor Day weekend to increase sales. The company sent text messages to those on their list. The message contained a link to their website, as well as details of an exciting promotion that could not be refused.

7-Eleven helped drive more foot traffic into their stores with the distribution of coupons via text message. Their most recent campaign offered the customer the chance to try out new flavors of the Slurpee, and the results were astonishing.

Caribou Coffee used text message marketing to detail the opening of a new Illinois store. Their promotion was very exciting, offering a text message sweepstakes. The winner was given free beverages from the store for an entire year. Not only did Caribou Coffee help bring awareness to their brand, they also had a great database of customers to market.