Healthcare Providers in New Delhi Launch Text to Rate Service

SMS marketing for healthcare organizations

Overseas healthcare providers in New Delhi are launching a “text to rate” service feature. This allows patients to follow up, post visit and rate the quality of their service provider via SMS. This will help keep everyone in check, and hopefully eliminate hazardous or dangerous situations.

Once a patient is discharged, he or she will receive an SMS message and be asked to rate factors such as level of care, sanitation, quality of food, waste management, and much more. This holds healthcare providers accountable for their actions, and allows them to learn how to provide better service over a long period of time.

We love the idea of this program, and would like to see something of this nature implemented in the United States. It encourages accountability and leaves tons of room for improvement. Considering the rise of Obamacare, we think now is the perfect time to implement a solution like this.

For example, let’s say a patient has a true concern with his or her level of care. It can now be documented via SMS. Down the road, if this provider keeps receiving the same types of complaints, there might be trackable evidence that could either help correct the problem or shut the facility down. Just a thought, but something we definitely would like to see implemented in the near future.

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