Facebook Made a Text Message Marketing Oopsie

text message marketing

The news has been spreading like wildfire. Apparently, even Facebook¬†can get punished for their actions, especially when it comes to text marketing compliance. A Florida man is filing a lawsuit against this social media platform in response to unwarranted birthday text reminders. He received text messages alerting him of friend’s birthdays. Unfortunately for Facebook, he didn’t opt in to receive these¬†reminders.

Now, according to text marketing law, this form of communication is permission based. To keep it simple, this means firing out unwarranted text messages to numbers who haven’t opted in to your list is completely illegal. If all details are accurate, this action is in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Facebook could potentially face millions of dollars in civil penalties for this oopsie.

Currently, Uber and Yahoo are also facing civil charges for unsolicited text message campaigns. Don’t ignore text marketing compliance. It will only land you in a slew of legal trouble.

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