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12 Oct 2015

Top Online Texting Service, Releases Drip Campaigns Feature

Are you familiar with drip marketing? Tons of cutting edge, digital marketing tools make use of this functionality, and observe increased engagement as a result. Essentially, our new drip marketing feature allows you, the SMS marketing user, to
28 Sep 2015

SMS Marketing for Nightclubs Becomes Go to Solution

For restaurants, SMS marketing has spearheaded the pack as a go to solution. Most franchises make use of this mobile marketing technique, and even local establishments turn to this tactic for steady business growth. Business Review Canada just
23 Sep 2015 Briefs Users on SMS Marketing Compliance with New Guidebook

It’s time to put on your big kid marketing pants, and get ready to learn. The team over at just released their latest SMS marketing guidebook. This new educational tool details out everything you need to know
11 Jun 2015

Here’s Why Text Message Marketing is Just Like Online Dating

In the world of online dating, you get to know someone on a personal level, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable and secure distance. A recent article written by Small Business Trends compared mobile marketing to
4 Jun 2015

Here’s One Situation That Encourages SMS Marketers to Be Aggressive

Here at, we usually advise customers to steer clear of obnoxious messaging. Generally speaking, first time users should send out no more than 4-6 campaigns a month. If you rack up too many outbound campaigns, your opt
23 Apr 2015

Studies Show That Over 25% of US Citizens Redeem Text Marketing Offers

Text marketing is still a relatively new marketing technique, but some people don’t realize how extremely effective it is. It isn’t old school, it isn’t spammy, and it isn’t archaic. In years to come, we predict that
17 Mar 2015

Beware of Text Messages Offering a Free Pension Review

If you’ve worked in business long enough, you probably know that scammers prey on the elderly. They try to trick them using new school and personalized marketing techniques, in hopes of either stealing their income or identity. We
6 Mar 2015

Conference Coordinators Go Mobile with Text Message Marketing

We are rapidly closing in on the height of the digital age. People are dropping print as a marketing medium, and instead choosing cost effective mobile alternatives. Text message marketing is at the core of these changes, as
5 Jun 2014

UK Text Message Marketing Crackdown

In the six month period between April and November 2013 a total of 120,310 nuisance calls were reported to the ICO. For these calls fines were mandated which brought a total of  £2.54 million, and those companies
30 May 2014

New Apple Technology Means Text Marketing Changes

Numerous states across the United States have implemented laws that make it dangerous to text while driving an automobile. These laws aim to eliminate accidents caused by distracted drivers. However, things aren’t so cut and dry in