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21 Apr 2015

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update Put in Motion Today

Today’s the big day folks! Google recently confirmed that the new algorithm change has officially rolled out. But, don’t panic, there’s still time. It’s never too late to optimize your website for mobile. In fact, Google anticipates that
16 Apr 2015

Marketers Should Beware of Mobile Advertising Fraud

Mobile marketing has observed an insane increase in usage and effectiveness these past couple years. Keeping this in mind, there’s bound to be a few bad seeds that pop up. Fraudulent advertising companies like to take advantage of marketing trends,
9 Apr 2015

Digital Ad Spend Rates Soar for Mobile Devices

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know mobile marketing is our preference. That’s definitely no secret. In the past two years, old school marketers are starting to see the benefits of this new school
7 Apr 2015

Mobile Displays Heavily Feature The Native Ad Format in 2015

If you regularly surf the net, you’ve probably seen hundreds upon thousands of different display ads. These ads will sit on your favorite websites, and sometimes obnoxiously distract you from casually browsing online. Most of the time,
31 Mar 2015

Data Proves That Mobile Marketing is Increasingly More Effective Than Social Media Marketing

About five or so years ago, mobile marketing was still considered new school. Marketers didn’t rely on this method alone, simply because there wasn’t a ton of positive case studies associated with this technique. But, as society
24 Mar 2015

Mobile Payments App Square Cash Now Available

If you’re a modern and tech savvy retailer, you’ve probably used Square before to capture payments. It’s always been and quick and effective way to streamline the payment process, especially if you’re a business owner on the
12 Mar 2015

Google Favors Mobile Friendly Sites in Upcoming Algorithm Changes

In the next few weeks, Google will launch it’s newest algorithm changes. If you own an ecommerce site, chances are you know how critical search engine optimization can be to your business. When you rank on the first