Beware of Text Messages Offering a Free Pension Review

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If you’ve worked in business long enough, you probably know that scammers prey on the elderly. They try to trick them using new school and personalized marketing techniques, in hopes of either stealing their income or identity. We read news this morning of one such scam, using text messages encouraging seniors to redeem a “free pension review“.

At, we frequently educate our users on SMS marketing best practices and compliance. We want to make sure each and every account understands the huge responsibility that comes with text message marketing. Our system prevents against these types of scams, but we still want to warn you about this type of behavior. That way, if you or your loved ones ever receive these types of messages, you know they aren’t coming from us.

To further detail, these free pension review offers will usually come in the form of a phone call or a text message. Basically, scammers encourage seniors to transfer their investments or pension funds into fraud accounts. They will promise an immediate and large return, but once the funds have been transferred, the scammers disappear. If you ever receive this type of phone call or text message, hang up the phone and/or delete the message. Whatever you do, do not respond.

Unfortunately, these types of scams are not just limited to free pension reviews. If you’re not careful, you can easily be approached my other scammers looking to steal your personal information. If you are receiving text messages from a shortcode you haven’t subscribed to, please be aware that this is completely illegal. You can report this company, and if it continues, take immediate legal action.

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