Text Marketing Ideas For Pizza Shops

text message marketing / SMS Marketing ideas for pizza shops

Great text marketing ideas for pizza shops...

Imagine it's the middle of the week when business is slower and you're trying to come up with new ways to get more customers in the door. What if you could blast a text message out to all your best customers with a special incentive to get them thinking about pizza for dinner that night?

It's actually really simple! Text marketing allows you to blast special text offers to all your customers whenever you need it most! Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you could leverage text marketing messages for your pizza shop!

Mobile Coupons

Entice customers to think pizza tonight!

MMS marketing for pizza shopsWhat's for dinner tonight? How about this mouth-watering flatbread pizza! Show this text for $5 off your order! Good only for tonight!

Run a Contest

Running a text message marketing contest grows your list and engages customers at the same time! Here's an example...

You've entered for a chance to win a FREE pizza party for 10 people. We'll be announcing the winner this Friday at Noon! Good luck!!

Event Reminders

Remind customers about the Sunday afternoon game.

This Sunday the Bills play the Browns. Watching the game? Come watch it with us! Free drinks with the purchase of a large pizza!

Staff Communications

Text message marketing will help to keep your employees from missing out on important info.

Everyone, don't forget about the staff meeting tomorrow morning at 10 AM here at the restaurant.

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