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Scheduled Text Messages

Schedule your text messages to be sent in the future.

Automation is one of the keys to efficiency. Scheduling your text messages allows you to plan your marketing or communications ahead of time by setting up your texts to send in the future.

Thousands of organizations rely on SlickText's simple SMS scheduling feature to tee up future messages. Our software is rock solid and couldn't be easier to use.

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How Scheduling Text Messages Works

Scheduling text messages is extremely easy. SlickText offers several flexible options for setting up your texts to send either to a single person or large groups of contacts all at once. Additionally, you can use our text blast service to schedule messages on a repeated basis for cases that require recurring notifications.

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Scheduling a Mass Text

Our mass texting service makes scheduling a snap. From your SlickText dashboard you can manage all of your outbound text messages from one simple location. With just a few clicks, you can tee up a new text to be sent to any contact list of your choosing. Furthermore, you can even schedule your texts to send to specific segments of your lists based upon specific criteria you define. This allows you to hyper target contacts and communicate only to those whom you want.

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Select Your List

The first step in scheduling a mass text message is to choose which list you'd like to send to. You'll be provided with a simple dropdown to select from. Additionally, if you have any segments set up for the list you've chosen, you'll also be provided with a dropdown to select which segment you specifically want to target, if any.

Create Your Message

Next you simply need to provide the content of your text message. Your character limits can vary from 160 all the way up to 1,600 depending on whether or not you are sending an MMS (picture) message. You can also choose to post your text message to facebook when it's sent.

Choose When to Send

The last step is to specify the date and time for your text to be sent. You'll be provided with a simple calendar to select your date. Then you can choose a time. Your text can be scheduled for any time in the future regardless of how far out it is. You can even choose which timezone you're working with. Once ready, simply click the "Schedule Message" button and you're all set!

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Scheduling a One Off Text

Scheduling a text message to a single person is just as easy and follows almost the same processes as sending to a list of contacts. In your SlickText dashboard, you manage all of your contacts from a single screen. You can click on any contact record which will expose a similar interface to schedule your SMS to that particular person.

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Scheduling a Repeating Mass Text Message

Repeating text messages are simply texts that are scheduled to send on a regular basis. Some refer to this as recurring SMS. Regardless, we've made that extremely easy too. On our send message page, instead of choosing to schedule the message for later, you can choose to send it "regularly". Selecting this option exposes a handful of options that give you the flexibility to specify things like what months, days of the week, weeks of the month, etc. that your text message will send.

There are virtually millions of combinations that give you the flexibility to need to send when you need it. This is a core feature that organizations often lean on to send automated text messages.

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Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText to Schedule Your Texts?

Realistically, most SMS marketing software services provide the ability to schedule text messages to be sent in the future. With that said, all services are not created equal. As a matter of fact, there are many differences that can have a large impact on the success of your text messaging. Here are just a few reasons why SlickText is your best bet...

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Scheduling Is Simple

We've made scheduling text messages as easy as absolute possible. Don't waste time trying to figure out unfriendly interfaces provided by other services. When you put your hands on our texting software, you'll quickly understand why we say we're the easiest to use.

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Extreme Flexibility

With the ability to schedule to single contacts, large groups of people, and even on a regular basis, it's clear why SlickText is your best choice. Whatever your requirements are for sending your text alerts, our platform offers the flexible options necessary to meet your needs.

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High Quality Messaging

With all of the cheap messaging solutions out there, people are getting frustrated with the lack of delivery of their texts. With SlickText, that's not an issue. We don't use cheap messaging routes that put more money in our pockets and leave your messages undelivered. Rest assured that you're getting the best possibly delivery.

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