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The Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

Beginner's Guide
to SMS Marketing

Interested in learning how to use text marketing? This guide is for you. It teaches the basics and lays a solid foundation for those looking to get started or improve their campaign performance.

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The Advanced Guide to SMS Marketing

Advanced Guide
to SMS Marketing

This guide dives deeper into advanced strategies for your SMS marketing program. Learn how to fuel list growth and maximize the return on your campaigns with the guidelines detailed within.

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The SMS Marketing Compliance Guide

SMS Marketer's
Compliance Guide

When it comes to text messaging, compliance is essential. This guide will familiarize you with laws, regulations, and provide compliance suggestions for developing your text campaigns.

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Helpful SMS Marketing Resources

How SMS Marketing Works

How Text Marketing Works

Are you new to this marketing method? Maybe you've seen competitor's campaigns in the past and want to know more? This simple breakdown will give you a very basic understanding of how text marketing works.

Best Practices when using SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Understanding and applying best practices is key to success with SMS marketing. If you're neglecting these standard guidelines, there's probably a lot of opportunity for improvement. Be sure to review these important points before sending out your first campaign.

Common SMS Marketing Use Cases

Common Use Cases

Want to learn how text marketing and mass text messaging is used across various industries? Here you can see how people in completely different worlds are using SlickText to achieve their goals.

Our Popular Text Message Marketing Infographics

Text Marketing Best Practices Infographic

Text Marketing Best Practices

Learn best practices and standard guidelines with this easy to read overview. It details the top 8 and how to implement each one when composing your text campaigns.

Text Marketing: The New Kid on the Block Infographic

Text Marketing:
The New Kid on the Block

This infographic breaks down SMS performance statistics. Learn about open rates, consumer mobile behaviors, and more. Texting might be the new kid on the block, but the ROI is undeniable.

Components of a Great SMS Marketing Campaign Infographic

Components of a
Great SMS Marketing Campaign

Just as it says, this infographic will outline all necessary components of a successful campaign. This six step infographic will teach you how to make each text message campaign a great one.

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