Not Using Mass Texting in Your Marketing Plan? You’re Nuts. [Infographic]

Not Using Mass Texting in Your Marketing Plan? You’re Nuts. [Infographic]

Updated April 22, 2024

Using mass text messaging for mobile marketing campaigns is essential. As businesses and organizations realize mobile usage and SMS for marketing aren’t just fads, marketers are increasingly trying to learn the ins and outs of mass text messaging and how it can impact their strategies.

After all, mobile devices have become integral to our everyday lives — and that rightfully has major implications for marketers. Whether it’s a mobile website, mobile search, or text message marketing, your business could benefit from some mobile attention.

Don’t believe us? We’ve pulled together some statistics on text message marketing that might change your mind. Check out our text marketing infographic, and learn how SlickText can help you leverage mass texting for your own business.

5 Impressive Text Marketing Statistics

You don’t need statistics to tell you that everyone is on their phone these days, but maybe you didn’t realize just how many activities people use their phones for. A few years ago, it might have seemed crazy to talk about making a serious purchase from your phone, but in today’s world, that’s the norm.

If your business marketing plan doesn’t have a broadcast text service in place, you might want to start rethinking that — and fast! Research shows that SMS has become a more impactful way to engage with your clients than almost any other medium.

Mobile Marketing / Text Marketing Infographic

91% of adults have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7.Click To Tweet

In layman’s terms: everyone has their phone with them at all times, and average screen time is only going up with each generation. Most people even have their phones near their beds while they sleep. If you’re looking for a direct way to reach someone, you’ve found it.

53% of American consumers search from their smartphone daily.Click To Tweet

The days of needing to remember facts, addresses, phone numbers, recipes, or basically anything, are now over. Search engines are the go-to when people need to look up anything from a basic fact to an existential question. People are on their phones looking for products and services in real-time. How handy would it be if you could find a way to communicate with those people when they’re looking for your good or service?

Four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop.Click To Tweet

The majority of consumers are shopping directly from their phones. Shopping apps and mobile-friendly sites make it easy to buy everything from clothes to groceries to concert tickets via smartphones.

79% of small businesses feel mobile websites boost engagement.Click To Tweet

If you’re not optimizing your website for mobile, you’re missing out. At least, that’s the sentiment of up to 79% of small business leaders who sense customers are more engaged when interacting on a mobile website. A recent study of consumers supports this sentiment, as 69% of smartphone users said they were likely to make a purchase from a company with a mobile site that clearly addressed their concerns.

70% of Americans would like to receive exclusive specials on their mobile device.Click To Tweet

It can be challenging to know who to target with a special text promotion and when to reach out to them. Current research can help take some of the guesswork out of this marketing strategy. SMS statistics show that a majority of Americans actually want brands to give them exclusive deals.


How to Use Mass Text Messaging the Right Way

By now, it might be clear that reaching consumers when they’re on their phones is one of the strongest ways to make a valuable connection and drive action. Even though that might seem obvious, there’s still a question of how to go about incorporating bulk text messaging into your marketing plan.

There are a few key ideas that can guide your creativity as you look into how to best take advantage of the opportunities of mass text messaging.

Consider Mobile Coupons

Research shows that 22% of mobile coupons are shared with at least one friend. What’s even more impressive is that a whopping 95% of coupons sent via mass text apps are opened within the first five minutes. That’s a better bang for your buck than magazine and newspaper coupons. Mobile coupons are shared 10 times more often than their paper counterparts. If you’re wondering how you can get into the mass text messaging game, a mobile coupon might be the perfect solution.

Create a Mobile Loyalty Reward Program

Remember the days when your wallet would balloon with paper loyalty reward cards? The worst part about these programs is that customers often forget or misplace their cards, which erodes the effectiveness of the entire program. Instead, try a modern twist on the loyalty program with a text messaging marketing program that will add value to your customer’s life and get them in the door of your store more often. You can even use ChatGPT to generate AI texts as you get started.

Use a Short Code

In the world of text messaging, there are a few different types of numbers you can use to send mass text messages. The fastest and most reliable way to send is through a short code. A short code is a 5 or 6-digit phone number that’s used by businesses and organizations to send SMS messages at scale. Short codes are your best bet, as they send faster than any other type of number and there’s no carrier filtering of message content. Additionally, because the number is shorter than normal 10-digit numbers, they make it easy for people to opt into your texting program.

Grow Your Mailing List

Your goal might not be to bring people into a store or incite an immediate purchase decision, but maybe it’s to move them along a purchase funnel. In that case, you can use mass text messaging to drive traffic to your website or to increase opt-ins for your email marketing campaigns.

Should You Add Mass Text Messaging or SMS to Your Marketing Plan?

What we know for sure is people are attached to their phones now more than ever — and it doesn’t look like that’s going away soon. Statistics show consumers make purchase decisions from their smartphones and they’re open to hearing from brands through their devices.

Mass text messaging can create win-win scenarios for consumers and marketers of all industries. By testing your strategies and monitoring your marketing return on investment, you can experiment with new forms of marketing and make sure you find the perfect fit for both your business and clients.

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