Supercharge Your Staff: 7 Hacks to Put Productivity Into Overdrive [Infographic]

Supercharge Your Staff: 7 Hacks to Put Productivity Into Overdrive [Infographic]

Updated December 1, 2022

Across the United States, just over half of employees are satisfied with their job — but only 20% are passionate about it.

Let’s get right to the point: Employees who don’t feel comfortable and inspired likely won’t succeed in their roles. At best, they’ll put in the bare minimum amount of effort. Long-term productivity will eventually reach an all-time low. In fact, companies that have high employee satisfaction far outperform those with low employee satisfaction — by over 200%.

If your business and employees have been around for a while, you’re probably no stranger to this unfortunate, downward spiral. But, have no fear: There is a solution. Here are seven hacks we use in our offices to increase employee satisfaction, presented in our productivity infographic.

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7 Productivity Enhancers To Supercharge Your Staff

As a recap from our productivity infographic, here are the seven ways we work to boost employee satisfaction across the board.

1. Host casual monthly meetups

Hang out with each other! Go out for a night on the town or take in a sporting event together. Anything that gets people interacting with each other outside of the office and developing meaningful relationships that will enrich their lives even beyond work. Having fun together can actually inspire creativity in the workplace, so during these monthly meetups make sure the focus is on being together and having a good time — not on work. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it.

If you have remote employees, then consider hosting virtual game nights, happy hours, or coffee breaks to keep employees engaged and involved from afar.

2. Set personal goals during one-on-one interviews

Chances are you already have some version of a one-on-one performance interview in place, but there are ways you can enhance it to make it a more fruitful experience for your employees. Next time you hold reviews, help your employees to set reachable personal goals for the next quarter. Knowing their manager is invested in their professional growth can make employees feel more confident in the workplace.

Don’t be afraid that your employees might outgrow their position. In fact, give them the tools they need to make it to the next stage in their careers. Use your one-on-one time to mentor employees. You’ll find the valuable connections you make will enhance your workforce and probably your outlook on life at the same time.

3. Offer performance-based rewards

There’s nothing like a sweet reward after hitting your target goal. The key to a good incentive is figuring out what your employees actually want. If you’re offering team rewards, consider letting the team vote on what their prize will be for hitting their target. You can offer services such as house cleaning, meal delivery, cooking classes, or entertainment options such as movie tickets or online shopping gift certificates.

4. Ask, “What do you think?” more often

Asking employees about their thoughts and opinions helps them take personal responsibility for what’s happening in the workplace. You want employees to buy into your mission on a personal level, otherwise, they’ll check out. Listen to the feedback you get and try to incorporate this practice into your processes often. Holding a monthly brainstorming session, for example, can ensure you never go too long without giving your employees a chance to chime in. Additionally, we are finding that companies are using SMS surveys to capture the valuable input that their employees have. It’s simple, straightforward, and a great way to get people engaged.

5. Embrace employee training programs

Make sure all employees are given the tools to succeed and can develop a clear picture of how their careers will progress at your company. Productivity tanks when employees lack an understanding of what their role is and how they fit into the bigger picture. Prevent this from happening by setting each employee up with a detailed training program and checking back in throughout the year to make sure they’re moving forward and gaining additional expertise.

Are you having a tough time getting employees to sign up for training? Try using a mass texting service as a corporate communications tool to stay in touch, send reminders and even send registration links. It’s easy to use and can cut down on the number of emails that tend to flood inboxes.

6. Create a buddy system

Some employees will naturally be drawn to each other and create organic friendships in the workplace. Take advantage of these relationships and foster them by creating group projects or even morale-boosting contests. Also, look out for employees who have a hard time fostering organic relationships. They might need more of a boost. Consider a formal buddy system that pairs new employees with a more established worker who can help them adjust socially. Productivity soars when employees feel comfortable with the people they work with.

If you use Slack to communicate you can add Donut, a widget that will automatically pair random partners for a conversation on an ongoing basis.

7. It’s OK to show your soft side

Of course, as a leader, you want to manage your emotions. At the same time, you don’t always have to play hardball. When you praise your employees and acknowledge their accomplishments you’ll probably notice the boost it provides. Knowing how to give recognition is an important part of developing your staff.

2022 Employee Engagement and Productivity Stats

  1. According to Gallup, 51% of employees are disengaged in their workplace, which is down from 85% in 2017.
  2. Employees who are engaged at their workplace are generally healthier. Research shows that these employees are less likely be obese and less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses.
  3. Employee satisfaction helps with retention. Engaged employees are less likely to leave and almost 60 times as likely to recommend your company to others.
  4. Engagement is also huge for employee productivity, leading to 41% less absenteeism and 17% more productivity.
  5. Want to see more growth from your sales team? Engaged teams report 20% more sales on average.
  6. Engaged workplaces boast a 21% higher profitability than disengaged workplaces.
  7. One way to keep employees engaged is through consistent communication. 85% of employees are more motivated when internal communication is effective.
  8. One 11-year study found that workplace that placed an emphasis on culture and engagement grew their revenue by almost 700%.

Ready to try some of these tips?

We strongly believe in these productivity hacks, and encourage you to take them on a test run. Just remember to keep these important tips in mind while you do so:

  • We all have lives outside of work. Make sure your expectations are fair and reasonable.
  • If you have a true concern about an individual’s performance, don’t air out your dirty laundry in a group setting. Approach this person, and express your concern in an honest and fair manner.
  • If you are going to engage your employees via SMS marketing, make sure you find a flexible mass texting app to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • For the most part, work should be fun. Don’t be afraid to reassign job responsibilities, especially if you see individuals growing in another area. Cater to the growth of your employees and their potential, not your ever-changing to-do list.

Without further ado, get to work. It’s time to give your staff a superhero-level dose of productivity. These hacks are fun, engaging, and will bring the best out in every single team member.