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Keep customers coming back by offering rewards.

Loyalty rewards are one of the number one ways to boost customer retention and create repeat buyers. Our loyalty program software makes it easy to launch your own rewards program and manage everything with zero headaches.

Businesses across the country are adopting our loyalty software as it's easy to manage, very affordable, and allows you to grow SMS marketing lists to re-engage your customers and drive future sales.

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What is a Loyalty Rewards Program?

A loyalty rewards program is a way to recognize customers for their visits by offering points toward free or discounted products. It's part of a strong strategy to turn customers into repeat buyers by simply incentivizing people to come back.

For decades, business have used traditional punch card style rewards programs, but in today's world it's more effective to manage these programs digitally. It allows you to track who your customers are, see how often they're coming back, re-target them with future messaging, and make changes on the fly without costly re-print charges. At SlickText, we've made it dead simple to launch your very own customer loyalty program. You can be up and running in just minutes.

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How it All Works

Our loyalty rewards software makes running your own program a snap. The customer interactions are simple, elegant and fast. This keeps them focused on their purchase and headache-free. Let's take a look at how it all works.

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Customer Checks In

When a customer visits your store, they check in by entering their mobile number on a tablet at your front counter. Most businesses will place the tablet in a stand to make it easy for the customer. If they are new to your program, they'll be asked to provide their first name. We've purposefully kept the customer experience light to avoid any type of confusion or fatigue.

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They Earn Points By Visit or Spend

Customers can either earn points by their visits or by how much they spend. Running the loyalty program based on visits is the simplest and most common way that people set their programs up. If you choose to issue points based on spend, an employee will first be required to enter the sale amount before a customer checks in. We've designed our check-in screen in a way that prevents customers from seeing anything that's "employee only" to prevent against tampering.

Every time a customer checks in, they will be credited points and shown a status update on their balance. If they have opted into receiving SMS marketing from you, they can even receive a personalized text message with a link to a page that shows them their balance, recent activity and eligible rewards.

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Redeem Rewards

If a customer is eligible for rewards they will be presented with their redemption options upon checking in. They can choose to redeem or save points for a later visit. When a reward is redeemed, their points balance will be debited. All credit and debit transactions are recorded and can be easily managed from your SlickText dashboard.

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How to Set Up a Loyalty Program

We've made setting up loyalty rewards programs extremely simple. You can be up and running in just minutes after walking through four simple steps. Let's walk through each step in more detail...

Program Settings

The first step in creating your loyalty program is to provide some basic information on how it will run. Here you'll provide the program name, your business name, whether you want to reward people for visits or spend, and some other settings that will govern how customers can interact and earn points.

Create Rewards

Once you've gone through the basic settings, you'll need to create the actual rewards that will be offered to customers when they reach certain points balances. You can have as many rewards as you like. Most businesses offer between one and four to keep it simple.

Design a Check-In Screen

After your rewards are created, you'll need to create one or more check-in screens. These are the actual interfaces that your customers will use to check in and view their rewards. Building a check-in screen is simple and only takes a minute. We've created an easy-to-use interface for customizing the colors, text and logos. Whether you're tech-savvy or not, you'll be able to create gorgeous, branded check-in screens for customers to interact with.

After you're done creating your loyalty program, you can launch any one of your check-in screens from your SlickText dashboard. We recommend that you download our mobile app on a tablet, put that tablet in a stand at your front counter and then launch your screen.

Configure SMS Alerts

The last step in building your loyalty rewards program is to configure your SMS alerts. Customers who opt in to receive text messages can be sent status updates when they earn points and become eligible for rewards. You can include links to unique pages that show each person what their balance is and what rewards they are eligible for.

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Managing Customer Points and Rewards

One of the great benefits of having a digital loyalty rewards program is that you can manage all of your members, their points and activity in once place. We've made that extremely easy. From your SlickText dashboard, you can search for members, update their information and issue them point credits or debits whenever needed. You'll have a clear view into everything that is going on with any loyalty member so you can see their activity and stay on top of it all.

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Loyalty Program Analytics and Reporting

Another great reason to run a digital customer loyalty program is that you have access to great reporting. If you're going to reward customers for their loyalty, you need to know how well it's working! Our analytics dashboard provides you with a ton of information on what's happening with your customers.

You can specify date ranges and view data including:

  • Number of check-ins
  • New members joined
  • Points earned
  • Rewards redeemed
  • Check-Ins per screen
  • Redemptions per reward
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Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText For Your Loyalty Software?

There are a handful of loyalty rewards software services out there. We think we've done a stellar job with ours. We also think you'll feel the same way. While there are a hundred reasons why you should launch your loyalty program with us, here are just a few...

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Simple Setup

Launching your loyalty rewards program can happen in a matter of minutes. We've paid a lot of attention to the details to make your life easier. Don't waste time with complex, clunky software. You'll love what we've got.

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Very Affordable

Unlike most other loyalty rewards software services, you can get started with SlickText without spending a fortune. At just a fraction of the cost of other software, it's just another reason why SlickText is a great choice.

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Easy to Manage

We build all of our software with the user in mind. We understand that you have more important things to be focused on and that this needs to be easy if you're going to use it. That's been goal number one for our loyalty software.

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Leverage Mass Text Messaging

What's unique about our customer loyalty software is that it's powered by the industry leading mass texting service... Us! SMS is one of the most lucrative forms of marketing today and to be able to tie your rewards data into that makes it a win-win.

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Excellent Reporting

Our loyalty analytics are second to none. Having a clear view into what's going on with your customers is huge and our dashboards make everything as clear as possible. From simple data points to more complex analysis, it's all there for your review.

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Outstanding Support

We are known for our customer support. That's because it's awesome. We know you'll have questions and may need help getting started. We're here for you. All of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our team members for help!

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