Is It Time to Secure an Investor? 3 Important Questions to Ask

Is It Time to Secure an Investor? 3 Important Questions to Ask

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You’re getting to that crucial moment in your startup or small business journey. A little extra cash in the form of a low risk investment would really sweeten the pot. Before you go headfirst into a pool of money, consider these 3 questions.

Is this a do or die moment?

If you choose to not seek out an investor, will your business sink? Don’t seek out an investor “just because.” If you’re looking for an ego boost, this isn’t the right opportunity. Make sure an investor makes sense for the direction of your business.

Is a lack of resources or knowledge putting you behind?

Is there a piece of your business that’s missing? Is this piece easy enough for you to acquire on your own? For example, let’s say you own an online clothing store. Right now, you make all the items by hand. Is this something you can continue doing in the future? Probably not. So, bulk manufacturing is something you’ll have to investigate very soon. Find an investor who specializes in this arena.

Is someone pressuring you into taking this next step?

Maybe you look at your business, and are 100% ok with the way things are. Especially if you’re a small business owner, you might not necessarily be looking for catastrophic growth. You might be perfectly fine with collecting a tiny extra profit every month.

As a passionate small business owner, it’s usually more about the cause than the money. Either way, make sure this is something YOU want. Don’t let anyone talk you into signing away business ownership in exchange for quick cash.

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