4 Text Marketing Ideas Auto Dealers Use to Score Business

4 Text Marketing Ideas Auto Dealers Use to Score Business

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Have you ever tried texting your customers? The right business texting platform can help professionals focused on car dealer marketing bring in new leads and convert those leads to paying customers — if you’re creative and diligent about how you use it. Text message marketing has the potential to help revamp your auto dealer business, increase profits and bring more awareness of your dealership. Whether you’re selling used or new automobiles, text message marketing strategies can help you get better at automotive marketing.

Not sure where to start? Here are text marketing tactics that car dealers are implementing into their overall automotive marketing strategies.

Car dealer marketing strategies

There are quite a few ways to apply text message marketing at your auto dealership. Here’s what some auto marketing experts have been doing to incorporate text message.

1.    Text for price

If you’re an auto dealer who doesn’t advertise pricing directly on each vehicle, text marketing could be just the right way to gain a number for your marketing list and gain consumer interest in your car. Place a sticker on the car saying, ‘For rates on this vehicle text ‘Honda car’ to 31996.

This is a more active way of engaging people who are interested in your vehicles. Someone who reads the price of a car on the lot might never been in touch with you. However, if they text you then you have an opportunity to engage them about what they’re looking for in a car and how you can help them find it.

2.    Personalized car care tips

After a person purchases a car from your dealership why not help them extend the lifetime of their vehicle by sending car care tips by text message? Instead of giving generic tips, talk to the people working in your service bay to come up with custom tips for each make and model of car. You can also use two-way messaging to answer any car care questions that arise, ensuring you maintain a close relationship with your customers so they’ll choose you when it’s time to find a new car.

You can also schedule service reminders to let customers know when to get an oil change or that you’re available to help winterize their vehicles. The more helpful and timely you are, the better.

3.    Specials and incentives

When a person is ready to buy a car nothing can pursued them to go ahead and purchase better than a good price or incentive on the vehicle they want. Create a sales event and send special offers specifically to your text message list. One incentive that many dealerships are using these days is one that involves holiday promotions with free turkeys for test drives. You can customize this throughout the year based on what season it is so. Think pumpkins for Halloween, hams for Easter a s’mores kit for the summer — you get the picture, just be creative.

4.     Host text-to-win contests

There are a lot of freebies that an auto dealership can offer, and running a text-to-win campaign can be a great strategy for adding more names and numbers to your text marketing list. From a free inspection to free oil changes for your family for the year, think of something really enticing that could motivate people to enter. This is a helpful strategy if you’re just starting your text list, but also valuable if you want to see continued growth.

Tips and tricks

Laura Gonzales, who is the marketing manager at Mercedes of Coconut Creek, had these tips to offer about how she uses text marketing in her dealership.

  • Create a powerful offer: “As an auto dealership, the most difficult part about SMS marketing is getting the leads. This can be done by proving prospects with an incentive and in-return receiving their contact information.”
  • Be concise: “Once you’ve compiled a list of contacts, you’re going to want to keep messages short and to the point. You’ll also want to avoid texting them too many times. This can come off as spammy and cause your customer to opt out of receiving messages.”
  • Be personal: “You’ll also want to do your best to send personalized messages. Instead of sending a mass text to your prospects regarding an event, try to personalize the event to the interests of the prospects. You can do this by asking additional questions when they do their initial sign-up.”
    • Pro tip: For ideas on how to personalize, and for instructions on personalizing using the SlickText platform, check out this blog post all about personalizing your text messages.
  • Provide value with exclusive offers: “You should make those subscribed to receive your marketing texts feel special. This means the deals you send them are not posting on your social media sites or on your website for everyone to find. If your discounts and deals are public for non-subscribers to see, then they’ll be likely to opt out of receiving messages.”

Is text marketing right for you?

In the last few years text marketing has grown considerably, and today it is one of the most effective and easiest ways for an auto dealership to spread the word about what they have to offer. Text marketing is personable, customizable and beneficial for everyone that is involved. There are many ways that text marketing can be used to help your dealership.

Text messaging marketing is best for:

  • Text alerts and reminders about service appointments.
  • Reminders about payments.
  • Notifications about upcoming sales events.
  • Engaging with customers long term.
  • Asking for quick feedback.
  • Capturing leads and developing a relationship.

Should you use text marketing to replace email or phone calls? Research shows that customers prefer receiving text message from you above getting an email or a phone call. Texts are efficient and simple. That doesn’t mean that email and phone calls don’t have their place, especially if you already have a robust strategy for either one of those. A solid auto marketing plan usually involves combining several different communication strategies and also letting customer choose which way they would prefer to hear from you.