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Text with Clients One-on-One

Improve your customer service by offering text messaging as an additional way to be in touch. Customers love the convenience of being able to reach organizations through SMS and managing it all online makes it easy.

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Text All Your Customers at Once

Text everyone on your list at the same time all with the click of a button. Sending a text blast is an effective way to remain personal no matter how big you grow. You'll love our intuitive service for making it all happen.

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Manage Everything Online

Take advantage of our easy to use online texting service and convenient mobile app to manage your messaging. Our platform makes sending and receiving texts simple and keeps everything organized in one place.

Why use an online text service for your business?

Text messaging can help solve a lot of your business problems and improve your processes. Not sure how? Here are just a few ways that businesses and organizations are using online texting services today.

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Provide Superior Customer Service

Sitting on the phone with customer service can be frustrating. Explaining a situation through email can be challenging. Improve your customer service experience by offering texting as another support channel. An online texting service can help you make the best of both worlds by allowing for instant communication through a method people actually want to use.

Statistics show customers enjoy their experience more when businesses offer texting as an option — and they respect companies that incorporate texting for being flexible and forward thinking.

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Nurture Leads and Earn More Sales

Nurturing a lead to paying client status is an artform in itself. Make sure no one slips through the cracks by setting up automated SMS drips that move your leads through the sales cycle and turn them into brand evangelists. Tailor your messaging to actions your customers take — did they abandon their online cart? Use our online text service to send an automatic text message to recapture their interest. Set up your messages once and let our SMS software do the work after that.

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Personalize Your Marketing

Text messaging has a natural personal quality to it that other communication methods can't match. Take your personalization up level by customizing your messaging to respond to your customer's habits or interests. Once you know their preferences you can segment your list to ensure your group text messaging is ultra targeted. Add merge tags into the body of your text to automatically add a personal touch. The more personalized your messaging is the more valuable it becomes to your recipient, which goes a long way in driving sales and reducing unsubscribes.

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Communicate With Your Staff

Research shows that many employees ignore their emails. If you're trying to build team culture and get important messaging across, an online texting service can help reach out to employees in a personal way. Cut through the inbox clutter and reach your employees by text and receive rapid responses. You can even poll or survey your customers by text, or send them important updates and reminders.

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Why online text messaging is becoming more popular

More and more marketing and communications professionals are turning to online text services as a way to support their organization's goals. It makes sense for many reasons. Here are some...

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Everyone's on Their Phone

When's the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Mobile is indisputably the best way to reach people nowadays so it just makes sense to send text messages that you know will pop up instantly. People read and respond to SMS almost immediately, which means that branded text messages have naturally high open rates.

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Customized Marketing You Can Scale

Online texting can grow with your business while retaining its personal touch. Never feel like you're sending out a generic message. Instead, craft unique bulk text messages that are specific to your customer's situation, no matter how many customers you have. Use merge tags to insert key details about individuals without having to manually customize each text message yourself.

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Measurable Data You Can Analyze

When you use an online texting service to communicate with your customers, you have access to real time data available at your fingertips. You can measure the impact of your text messaging strategy and even see how it's tying in to your sales targets. Review your data and easily make adjustments on the fly to tweak your online text campaigns to perfection.

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Why choose us

Why choose SlickText as your online texting service?

We know you have several options when it comes to finding a texting service online but we humbly think we're the best. From ease of use to features and functionality, here's what we think sets us apart.

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Easy One-on-One Text Messaging

Easily conduct a one-on-one conversation with anyone on your list. There's no hassle involved and mastering our online texting service takes very little training. You can be up and running within minutes.

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Schedule Texts Any Time

Send your text messages now or select a date at any point in the future. Set it and forget it. Once you schedule your texts our service takes it from there and handles the rest.

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Flexible Number Options

From SMS short codes to toll-free numbers and even text-enabling your landlines, our texting service offers several different number options. Each business case is different and know that we can support your needs.

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Premium Deliverability

There's no use sending text messages if they don't arrive in a timely fashion or at all. You can rely on our texting service to get your messages delivered. We use superior messaging routes so you never have to worry that your text message was received.

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Access From Anywhere

Use your computer to send online text messages or seamlessly switch to our mobile app to send texts on the go. We make the entire process simple. Stay on top of everything when you're traveling or away from the office.

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Powerful Integrations

Our integrations with other platforms such as Shopify, MailChimp and Zapier means that you can connect SlickText to the other essential platforms you use to run your business. Make your text marketing work in tandem with your other processes.

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Personalize Your Messaging

With our custom merge tags you can tailor each text to its recipient without having to do so manually. Come across as genuine and perceptive by sending personalized text messages at scale.

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Include Your Team

Invite as many team members as you want to help manage your online texting. You can control access and security permissions individually. Get buy-in from your co-workers by including key stakeholders.

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Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being the best in the game when it comes to looking after our customers. Our qualified customer service team is available to offer tips and suggestions or to answer any questions you have.

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