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easy text message marketing for real estate

Home buyers experience this all the time. They see the for sale sign, they see the contact number for the agent and they want more info. The problem is that they never seem to pick up the phone, or there's no flyers to take. There goes another lead...

With Slick Text, real estate agents can reach more home buyers and generate more leads using text messaging. Lets take a look at at how it works...

It's a similar technology to what they use on American Idol and on the radio. Buyers that are interested in a home can text a special keyword, that you set up, to 31996 to receive more info on a particular listing. They'll instantly receive a customized "auto-reply" back with info on the listing. Their number will also be recorder and opted in to a text list for that property so you can call or text them.

Here's an example:

A potential buyer sees your for sale sign in the yard with your mobile textword on it. It says Text "HOME4" to 31996 to get more info on this property.

The person sends that text.

They instantly receive an auto-reply that says something like "3 bed, 3 bath, 2,500 square foot. List price $200,000. Call Sue at 800.688.6290 for more info."

That person has now opted into that property's text list and using Slick Text you can give them a ring or send them text updates on that property.

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