Text Message Marketing for Grocery Stores

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easy text message marketing for grocerystores

Grocery stores love text message marketing / SMS marketing as it's a way to let their best customers know of extra special deals going on.

How does text message marketing help grocery stores? Lets take a look...

  • Shopping at grocery stores is all about price, selection, and getting overall good deals. Text message marketing / SMS marketing can help you communicate all of that to your customers!

    Let's say you're overstocked on eggs and you need to get them out! Well luckily you've been running "text only" specials for the last few months that has built you up a text message marketing list of 1,000 customers. In an instant, you can schedule a text message to go out to your customers that says "Eggs on special tomorrow only! 1/2 price! Show this text to receive your discount!". Now this message is scheduled to go out at 5 PM so people can stop by on their way home from work and pick up a dozen!

    Since much of grocery store marketing is based on timing, Slick Text makes it easy to send and schedule text message marketing to go out instantly whenever you need!

Just with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you're not sending them messages too often. We recommend no more than once or twice a week.

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