Text Marketing is Simple for Fast Food Restaurants

Put down some more fries. There's a line out the door!

easy text message marketing for fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants eat text message marketing up! (pun intended) The possibilities are endless! Especially when your customers frequent your restaurant so often!

So how can a fast food joint use text message marketing / SMS marketing to bring in more customers? Lets take a look...

Fast food is everywhere and is a staple in the eating habits of society today. Just like any other business though, it can be slow at times. Well text message marketing can fix that!

Let's say there's a little league game going on in your area. You find a way to put the bug out that if you "Text "fries" to 31996, you'll get a coupon sent back good for 1 free medium fry!" or "Text "ice cream" to 31996, you'll get a coupon sent back good for 1 free ice cream cone!" Guess who will do that! That's right, just about everyone.

Now after the game, you will have a sudden rush of customers coming in to claim their free food. The best part though is that they will almost always buy additional food!

What's even better is that once they've sent your "textword" to the number you've provided, they are added to a text message mailing list so you can blast out specials and offers to them in the future!

Just with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing / SMS marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you're not sending them messages too often. We recommend no more than once a week.

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