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Recover more revenue using our abandoned cart SMS app.

You've done the hard work of getting shoppers to your website — don't let it all go to waste if they decide to leave. Recover abandoned checkouts by sending simple text messages that lead customers back to complete their orders.

Our app has helped many Shopify stores increase their revenue by recovering abandoned carts. The best part is that it's 100% hands-off. Set your messaging up once and let it run automatically to help boost sales.

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How to Send Shopify Abandoned Cart Texts

Setting up your abandoned cart text messages with SlickText and Shopify is simple and straightforward. We've distilled the entire process down into 3 easy steps that will allow you to be up and running in a matter of minutes. Let's dive into what that looks like...

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Connect SlickText and Shopify

One of the features we're proud of here at SlickText is that our text alert service seamlessly integrates with Shopify. This makes texting for your online store incredibly easy. Whether you're looking to build a database of opt-ins for future SMS marketing, sync customer order data, send order status updates or automated text messages for cart recovery, our Shopify app does it all. The the first step in making this app happen is to connect SlickText with your Shopify account. This is done from your SlickText dashboard.

Once the integration is enabled, there are two specific ways you can set up your abandoned cart texts. You can create simple SMS messages that send at specific time intervals or build a more in-depth automated workflow that tailors the user experience based on their behavior.

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Create Simple Abandoned Cart Messages

Creating abandoned cart messages is easy. The text is fully customizable with merge tags, emojis, images etc. Additionally, you can insert a cart recovery link that takes customers right back to the last place they left off in their Shopify cart with all items intact. This allows people who may have started the checkout process on one device to finish on another.

The last thing you need to dial in is your message timing. You'll need to set how long after the cart has been abandoned you'll wait before you send your recovery text. You can choose to send it hours and minutes later or even days later. Timing is key and something you'll want to test to find the right delay.

Interface for setting up an abandoned cart SMS message
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Abandoned Cart Workflows

If you’re looking to get more out of your abandoned cart SMS messaging our automated workflows are the way to go. You can create your messages just as easily but have much more flexibility with the user experience. You can tailor your texts based on the cart value, what a person’s previous order history looks like and even what links they are or aren't clicking on.

Your abandoned cart workflows can be infinitely long and take customers down personalized paths that nurture them to complete their orders. You can also make use of integrations with third-party software to alert sales or customer support teams of issues a customer may be having.

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Measure Your Recovered Revenue

Recovering abandoned Shopify carts can win back big revenue numbers for your business. It's important though that you clearly see the performance of your abandoned cart messages and understand attribution. We've built a gorgeous analytics dashboard that shows accurate, real-time data on the performance of your recovery messages. From giving you insight on total abandoned cart opportunity to recovered revenue and data by day, we provide everything you need to understand your ROI.

Now you might be asking yourself, "When do you consider a cart recovered?" That's a very appropriate question as you may have multiple channels for abandoned cart recovery. The good news is that our Shopify app is quite strict in the way it attributes a recovered cart to our text messages. We attribute a recovery to our app when the following happens...

Order Abandoned » SMS Sent » Customer Clicks » Order Completes

Businesses who are using our Shopify abandoned cart app are seeing serious, meaningful returns. Our average recovery rates are between 17% and 20% and people are bringing back tens of thousands of dollars per month.

While we can't promise the same recovery rates for every client, we're happy to work with you to improve your strategy and messaging until you're satisfied with your results. We've helped hundreds of ecommerce sites win with SMS marketing and we can certainly do the same for you.

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Why SMS For Abandoned Carts?

For years Shopify users have been sending abandoned cart emails and it's been working. The problem is that more and more emails are going unread, either because they go to junk, or people are just overwhelmed with too many. That's why SMS is such a powerful tool for abandoned carts. It cuts through the clutter because everyone reads their texts. In fact, over 90% of all text messages are read within minutes.

When someone leaves the checkout process, there's a "sweet spot" window of time where the customer can be influenced the most to come back and complete their purchase. You can't send an email and hope they get it, or hope they read it in time. One simple text message gets the job done. That's why we're seeing cart recovery rates for SMS tower over email. Here are some basic facts that make it obvious...

  • 98% of texts are read
  • 90% of texts are read within minutes
  • 94% of businesses using text messaging recommend it
  • 52% of businesses in North America say it's a major disruptor
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Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText's Shopify Abandoned Cart App?

There are several Shopify apps out there that can send abandoned cart emails but very few that do it via text messaging; especially in a legally compliant way. We've built a robust integration that takes care of the important details that many apps haven't considered. Here are just a handful of reasons why we're the best option for recovering your abandoned carts with Shopify...

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Intuitive, Easy-to-Master Platform

Even if you don't consider yourself to be good with technology, you'll be able to master our platform. We've put extra care into making sure our features are easy to understand and we've laid them out on a gorgeous interface that's professional and sleek.

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Total Automation

Don't worry about manually texting your customers whenever they abandon a cart. Rely on our fully automated messaging to do the heavy lifting. Once you set the Shopify app up, our system will handle everything so you don't have to think about it again.

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Handle All Order Messaging

With our Shopify app, it's much more than just sending abandoned carts. You can use our service to send all of your order status updates including, shipping and delivery SMS notifications as well. Customers can even respond with questions and you can chat with them one on one.

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Legally Compliant Messaging

The laws surrounding text messaging are completely different than email. Keep yourself protected by using our Shopify app that's built to be compliant with all opt in laws. We have all the functionality and resources in place to keep you in the clear.

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Real Time Data

Wondering what your return on investment is? With our live reporting you can quickly see the value of your abandoned carts in Shopify, how much money you've recovered and what your recovery rate is. Have all the data you need to make informed decisions about your business and marketing strategy.

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Excellent SMS Delivery

Some companies use cheap methods for sending SMS. This leaves a lot of your abandoned cart text messages going undelivered. Every message that's dropped on the floor is money that's lost. We use only the best messaging routes to ensure your texts are delivered.

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