Measuring Your Success

Measuring Your Success

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To be successful with any type of marketing, you must test, measure, and refine. Try new things, see what's working, and then replicate your system throughout the rest of your marketing streams. These same steps are important when it comes to your text campaigns. Here are 3 ways solid ways you can measure your success.

List Growth

The growth rate of your SMS marketing list helps you gauge the success of your efforts. The more people that are regularly subscribing to your list is a direct reflection of how valuable they perceive your texts to be. The bigger your list grows, the more powerful it will obviously become. You can easily track your list growth in our Analytics Dashboard.

Redemption Rates

Another excellent way to measure the success of your SMS marketing campaigns is through redemption rates. Your redemption rate is the percentage of subscribers who cash in on a particular text promo. To calculate redemption rate, divide the number of people who redeemed your coupon by the total number of subscribers on that given list.

Churn Rates

Churn rate is the number of subscribers who are opting out of your text program. SlickText shows you what subscriber activity looks like for a 24 hour period trailing each individual campaign. This gives you a good idea as to how people are responding to your text offers. If you see a spike in opt outs after a particular SMS campaign, you can then review the content of your text to determine what the issue was.

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