Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

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easy text message marketing for retail stores

Text message marketing for retail stores is incredibly easy and powerful! You can increase traffic and create new customers without that much effort!

Let's take a look at how that works...

So at your cash register, you have a sign as well as similar signs around your store that says "Text "tims" to 31996 to receive 15% of your next purchase!". Now of course most of your customers will do so and once they do, they will receive an instant text message (that you've created) back automatically that may say something like "Thanks for signing up for Tim's text-only, secret specials. Show this text at checkout and get 15% off your purchase!"

Well once they've sent that text, not only did they just receive a coupon for your store, but they've also been added to your text message marketing list so you can communicate specials and offers to them whenever you want!

So the next time things are slow you can have an instant sale. Just walk over to your computer, send your customers a text that says something like "15% off all outerwear today only from 4 - 6 PM!". Take a guess as to how many people are now gonna walk through your door to see what you've got!

Just with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing / SMS marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you're not sending them messages too often. We recommend no more than once a week.

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