Text Message Marketing / SMS Marketing Basics

Text message marketing / SMS marketing creates a pretty large opportunity to engage people in a new and exciting way. This is great as long as it's not abused. If businesses that are utilizing text marketing don't understand the basic concepts, there could be some risks involved. Here are some strong guidelines to help point you in the direction of success...

Keep it simple

It doesn't matter if a text campaign is designed to build brand awareness, provide information, or shoot for a direct response, it must be easy for the recipient to understand and react to. Simple and directly to the point is always best. When a campaign follows this simple guideline, it will gain more traction and allow it to become more viral. If you over complicate your campaign, it will NOT be nearly as effective.

Interactivity is more attractive

Keep in mind that text message marketing is about interacting with your customers. It's not always just to throw an ad in their face. If you can, try to make your marketing message feel more like a conversation. Your campaign will be much better received.

Know your audience

Just like any conversation, you will be much better received if you understand who you're talking to. Take into consideration demographics such as age, location, and interests. Because text marketing / SMS marketing is so timely, you can even mention things that are currently happening.

Only text people who have opted in

MMA's (Mobile Marketing Association's) code of conduct, says, "Consumers must opt-in to all mobile messaging programs…" It's important to reassure your customers of their privacy and how often you'll be communicating to them before they sign up.

Spam Sucks

Unsolicited text marketing messages sent by businesses and organizations are considered spam and violate the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Never, under any circumstance, send text marketing / SMS marketing messages to people who have not opted into your marketing list. Leave the spam for eating.

Find the right balance

Don't send too few or too many text messages. You want your level of contact to be "just right". Make your subscribers feel engaged but not overwhelmed. Also make sure that your campaign is "text worthy". Think to yourself, would I want to receive this message?

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day

Don't expect to see a huge ROI instantly. It takes time to build your text message marketing lists and get going. Be patient and make sure to measure what works and what doesn't over time.

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