Grow Your Text Marketing List With These 17 Compelling Incentives

Grow Your Text Marketing List With These 17 Compelling Incentives

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Trying to grow your text marketing list but not seeing results in the time frame you’d hoped? If you’re confident all of your text messages have a strong call-to-action, then perhaps the problem is the incentives you’re offering. You need fresh, compelling incentives to drive sign ups to your marketing list and to continue to delight subscribers.

What do all successful text message marketing campaigns have in common? They all give the consumer something for free, or offer a great deal. Here’s how you can start brainstorming better incentives for your text marketing campaigns.

4 Common types of incentives

Throughout the years of mass texting and SMS marketing, businesses have offered a little bit of everything as an incentive to sign up for their list. Most often companies give a nice little freebie because they know that a customer will flock to take advantage of something given to them free of charge.

Here are the four general categories of incentives to consider:

  • Contest: A text-to-win contest is fun and very exciting. In exchange for the mobile number offer a contest to win a great prize.
  • Coupons: Whether it is a percentage off of an order, a buy one, get one deal or another type of coupon, they can certainly enhance the number of people who want to join in on your text message marketing fun.
  • Discounts: Along with coupons discounts work wonders for text marketing incentives.
  • Freebies: As we’ve already discussed, a freebie is a great incentive for your text marketing campaign. Give them something free and they’ll give you what you want, too.

The initial incentive is just the beginning of what the consumer expects you to give them for joining your list. It is the beginning of what could be a great relationship if you allow it to be.

17 Ideas for incentives you can offer

Not all of these will be applicable to your industry, but you can use them to get the brainstorming going among your team.

  1. Free gift with purchase
  2. Free gift wrapping
  3. Free chair massages for weary shoppers
  4. Free refreshments for shoppers
  5. Free makeovers
  6. Free gift card (for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc)
  7. Free appetizer with the order of a main course
  8. Free desserts
  9. Free pastry with the purchase of a latte
  10. Free shipping
  11. Free sample products
  12. Free trial month of service
  13. Buy one get one free
  14. Free template or downloadable
  15. Free registration to an online course or webinar
  16. Free case study
  17. Free video course

Why emphasize free incentives?

It makes sense that you might be afraid of giving something away for free. However, if you can find giveaway within your budget you’ll likely find that free incentives can have a strong impact.

There’s something special about the word free that instantly draws attraction to it, and this is the first way that you start benefiting with text message marketing. When you have those four letters attached to your text marketing campaign advertisements it can go a long way in catching the attention of your customers. And if the free offer is good enough, when they stop they will do so with full intentions of giving you their number so they can take advantage of the offer.

Advantages of giving something away for free

When a customer has been given something for free the benefits go deeper than what you may realize.

  • One of the most important things that a customer demands when they’re doing business with a company is that they feel connected to your brand. When you give them something for free they feel as if you’re a company that cares about them and that they are a part of the fun.
  • Your freebie also gives the consumer the chance to experience something they may have never before, and if they like it they will want to tell all of their friends about it. A new drink, a new hair color, a new game of golf –no matter what it is your freebie can help build great interest in no time at all. You can also count on them to come back for more with each great offer you send out!

So, as you can see, there are a ton of fantastic benefits offered when you are giving something away for free as an incentive to join your text message marketing list.  If you’re not already giving out that freebie you’re really missing out.

The most common incentive mistakes

Before you rush ahead with incentives you’ve brainstormed, take a minute to make sure you’re not making these common mistakes when it comes to offering incentives through text message.

  • Your incentive isn’t enticing. Your customers can tell if your incentive is just a gimmick and not really valuable. You want to offer something they’ll truly get excited about.
  • You haven’t been clear how to claim the incentive. If there’s a complicated redemption process you’ll probably frustrate some customers, or just turn them off entirely. Make things as simple as possible.
  • You forgot to give an expiry date. People need to know your offer is only available for a limited time! Otherwise, they might not be highly motivated to take action.

Why focus on growing your list?

Spending time growing your list might not show you an immediate return on investment, but over time the value will prove very important to growing your bottom line. A bigger list means that you have plenty of numbers to promote future offers to from your short code, whether it is a big sales event or you want to offer a sample or a coupon or to announce a new store opening.

The more great offers that you send to your customer’s, the more business you can bring through the door. And, you can use text message marketing as frequently as you need to in order to spread the word about what you’re offering.

The first component in all of this is building that list. Otherwise there’s no point in having a text marketing campaign since there is no one there to promote to.

Use incentives with every campaign

Whether you market one campaign during the year or one per month, each offer should include an incentive. They work for each campaign to ensure maximum consumer involvement and without them your campaign is just not going to take off and fly. Don’t start your campaign before your incentive is in place because it is not going to deliver the results that you are searching for. This can be frustrating not to mention a waste of your precious time and money. But, when you have the incentive in place the total opposite is true and you will get the looks, the names and the numbers of many people ready to do business with you.

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