The Power Of SMS Marketing [Infographic]

The Power Of SMS Marketing [Infographic]

February 4, 2022

Have you ever considered using SMS marketing for your business? Statistics show it is one of the most powerful forms of marketing that business leaders are using today. Text messages have an open rate that far exceeds that of email. People look at their phones — a lot. In fact, our research shows that people check their phones an average of 150 times daily. Our helpful infographic shows important text marketing statistics.

Key takeaways

How do these statistics apply to your marketing plan? Here are some key takeaways that you can use to help craft your marketing strategy.

1. Send mobile coupons

The statistics show that 70% of people like to receive coupons from their favorite businesses. Since a full 75% of people prefer receiving ads via text message, that’s a prime opportunity to send mobile coupons. You can create a digital image with all of the information about your special offer and send this to your list using an MMS message. Designing a beautiful image like this can help grab the attention of your customers and convey all of your information at once. If you’d prefer to use text, you can opt to send an SMS message with all of the information.

Example: Receive one free appetizer with the purchase of a large pizza today before 7PM at our 114 St PizzaPerfect location.

2. Send text reminders 

The average person looks at their phone about 150 times a day, according to statistics. What’s more, current research shows branded text messages are opened about 98% of the time. If you need to reach someone in a hurry, or if you need a response from them, it’s probably best to rely on a text message instead of an email. And definitely use an SMS message to contact your customers over direct mail reminders. Sending out a text reminder for a reservation or appointment is likely to be seen, and fast since people check their phones all the time.

3. Communicate across multiple channels

Text messages are more likely to be seen over social media posts, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding where to focus your time. You should never rely on only one platform or communication method but instead have several ways to contact your audience. If you’ve only been relying on social media this far, start finding ways to integrate text messaging. You can advertise your text list on social media to start capturing the attention of your audience through SMS before growing your text list through exclusive offers and text to win sweepstakes.