One Off SMS Marketing Programs

SMS Marketing Compliance Guide

A one off SMS marketing program is a tad bit different than recurring, as only one message is sent to the customer, and communication ceases after this initial contact. This means that the CTIA requirements are a tad bit different, especially when compared to recurring program guidelines.

These programs are often used when companies are looking to provide quick information to users. It's commonly used for app downloads and lead generation. The point here is that the end user will receive only 1 text message and nothing further.

HELP/STOP Requirements

Believe it or not, there actually are HELP and STOP requirements for one off programs as well. Although they are much lighter in their content, they are required and need to contain some specific verbiage.

HELP Messages

When someone replies "HELP" to your one off program, they should receive a message back including the following. Note that because they won't be receiving future messages, we don't include a STOP message or a frequency.

  • Business / Program Name
  • Message and Data Rates May Apply

Here's what a HELP reply might look like for a one off program.

Stu's Sandwiches App Downloads: Msg & data rates may apply. For more help, call 1-800-688-6290.

STOP Messages

Just like with the recurring SMS marketing programs, the following keywords must be supported; STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. Even though the end user shouldn't be subscribed to any lists in this case, a reply must still be sent back. That reply must include the following.

  • Business / Program Name
  • Confirmation that end user is not subscribed.

Here's an example of a STOP message for a one off program.

Stu's Sandwiches App Downloads: You are not subscribed and will receive no further messages.

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