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text marketing and sms marketing for ecommerce

We're suckers for online shopping. Think about it. We're sort of an ecommerce store ourselves. With that said, all our awesome text marketing features were built with digital usability in mind. Our current ecommerce customers are using drip marketing campaigns, text to win contests, email capture, email integration, and unique promo codes. The list doesn't stop there, but these are the popular options.

Want to try text marketing for your online store? Read on to see how it works.

How Text Marketing Works

The Keyword

If you work for a large ecommerce store, the marketing department would most likely select your keyword. Customers would then text this word to a five or six digit phone number or "short code" to join the mobile rewards club.

For example, let's say you're the head of marketing at ShoesforTeens.com. You might want to reserve SHOES, ST, or TEENSHOES. Remember, the shorter and simpler, the better.

The Auto Reply

After joining your SMS list, new opt ins receive an automated text back confirming the details of their subscription. This message is called an auto reply. The auto reply for ShoesforTeens.com might look something like this.


You just signed up for the Shoes for Teens mobile rewards club! Enter code TEN at checkout to get 20% off your next order.

The Offer

Let's say over the next week, you gather 412 new subscribers. What does that mean? You can now text out exclusive mobile offers to these opt ins. We recommend sticking to one offer a week. This can take form in a percentage off, buy one get one special, or free shipping. With offer development, the sky's the limit.

Having a hard time grasping the whole text marketing concept? Here's a great example.

Example Scenario

Kelly loves crafting. From a young age, she liked working with her hands. Over the years, she fine tuned her skills, and became an expert crocheter. She makes blankets, hats, mittens, sweaters ... you name it. One day, her husband suggested she start selling her creations online. Kelly loves the idea, but she's totally overwhelmed.

One month later, she decides to hire a small business coach. After all, she's good at crocheting; not so much business development. Her coach Andrew helps her make a website and Facebook page. She loves it, but still wonders, "How can I keep track of returning customers?" See, Kelly wants to develop a network of crafters who come back again and again to purchase her products. She wants to reward their loyalty, and encourage them to keep coming back for more.

Andrew suggests giving SMS marketing a try. Sounds simple enough, right? He shows her how to put a sign up widget on her site. He then hops in the Slick Text dashboard, and schedules out a month's worth of campaigns for Kelly. Because she gets 100 or so people to her site every day, her text marketing list grows with ease.

In the first week, she's already gathered 177 subscribers. She's thrilled, and because Andrew set up her text message automation, she can take advantage of the set it and forget it functionality. This means she can focus on crocheting, which is what she does best.

How Will SMS Grow Your Business?

Let's start off with these three common truths.

  • Online shopping is incredibly convenient.
  • People love getting deals.
  • Everyone reads incoming texts.

Text marketing is doing wonders for our customers. Online store owners who follow our guidelines observe the following.

  • Increased site traffic
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Strengthened customer engagement

What do these benefits have in common? Every single one increases revenue.

Why Choose SMS?

Out of all other marketing solutions, what makes texting perfect for ecommerce stores?

  • Everyone can receive texts.
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first 5 minutes.
  • The average American looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day.
  • 70% of Americans want to receive mobile offers from their favorite businesses.
  • It's perfect for the business owner on a budget. At just pennies per text, it's cost effective.

These benefits just scratch the surface. Our platform also offers unparalleled customer support, innovative features, and educational tools that empower you to succeed.

How to Get Started

1. Choose Your Keyword

With text marketing, your keyword must be unique to your business and easy to remember. Don't overcomplicate the opt in process. For example, if you own an online store called Lace Up Your Shoes, you might want to reserve the keyword LACE or LACES.

2. Write Your Auto Reply

This automated text message response is sent to subscribers after they text in to join your list. Keep it short, sweet, and valuable. In this message, you will confirm their subscription and provide redemption details for your opt in incentive.

3. Start Growing Your List

Provide an amazing opt in incentive. Make your offer so fantastic, customers can't say no. Then, promote like crazy. Here's some easy ways to grow your text marketing list.

  • Post a text to join graphic on Facebook.
  • Send out an email with opt in instructions.
  • Run a Facebook ad promoting your list.
  • Insert a sign-up widget on your website.
  • Put a banner on the top of your site.

4. Fire Out Irresistible Promos

What makes a promo irresistible? Your customers don't think twice about redeeming. There is absolutely no hesitation, and not redeeming would be peculiar and unexpected.

After engaging subscribers with the opt in incentive, you want to keep them interested with regularly deals. We recommended firing out a once a week promo that rewards subscribers for their loyalty.

Sample Text Marketing Campaigns for Ecommerce Stores

Free Shipping Promo

Let's just call it like it is. Online shoppers love free shipping. When you use text marketing to run a promo like this, it helps you discourage cart abandonment, and increase conversion.

We know you love it, so here you go! Enter code FREESHIP at checkout, today only for free shipping on any order over $30.

Email Capture

Ecommerce retailers know the power of an email marketing list. Why not use text marketing to grow this avenue? Our email capture and integration features help streamline this process.

We're running an early bird special on our Spring 2016 collection! Stop in today or tomorrow, and show this text for $25 off your $100 or more.

Drip Campaigns

Our drip marketing campaign feature allows you to schedule automated campaigns for a set period of time after initial opt in. Reward your shoppers for their continued loyalty automatically over time. Literally, set it and forget it.

Thanks for being a loyal shopper! You've been on our VIP text list for 90 days now, and we want to show our appreciation. Enter 90DAYS at checkout for 20% off your next order.

Text Marketing Resources for Ecommerce Stores

Want to learn some more, and truly become a text marketing pro? Dig in with these helpful resources, and watch as your SMS results become more and more rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Just like ecommerce is the future of shopping, text messaging is the future of marketing. Your ecommerce site can run text to win contests, free shipping promos, unique promo codes, and more. SlickText is always adding to our growing list of rich text marketing features, and your ecommerce store will benefit from our continual product development.

Don't put off your business growth. Hop on the texting bandwagon and sign up for your free plan today.

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