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Text Groups of All Sizes

Send texts to groups both large and small. Our service supports SMS and MMS blasts of all sizes and can scale to reach however many people you need.

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User-Friendly Group Texting

Our straightforward platform simplifies the process of sending a group text down to just a few clicks. Get started without any technical knowledge.

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Increase Audience Reach

People engage with and respond to text messages more than any other type of group outreach. Communicate to a whole list at once with a simple text.

What is Group Texting?

Group texting is a technique for communicating with large volumes of people at once by sending a mass text message. It's applicable to any sized group and is an easy way to reach many people with important details, offers, or alerts. You can scale this tactic to save time whether you're executing an internal communications strategy or reaching out as part of a broader SMS marketing campaign.

When you think of group text messaging, the first thought that springs to your mind might be messaging on apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, or Apple Messenger. Even though those are great tools for small groups, there are three fundamental downfalls. First, members of a group can see everyone else's responses. Secondly, people's numbers are no longer private and lastly, the size of each group is normally capped at around 20 people.

By using a group texting service you can reach lists of any size and people can text back without everyone else seeing the responses or other people's numbers. You can then message privately with each individual for a much better experience for all.

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How to Send a Group Text

Sending group text messages is simple and easy to do without any technical background. You can be up and running in as little as just a few minutes. Here's how to start creating and sending group texts of your own...

Decide on a Textword

In order to opt-in to your group texting list, recipients will text a word or phrase to your short code. This is referred to as a textword. Every textword you create is a new list of subscribers. It's up to you how many textwords you want to create. You could create many or stick with one that you segment into different sub-lists based on specific data.

Compile a List

If it's your first time sending group texts and you don't have subscribers, you can build your list by asking newcomers to opt-in. If you've built a text list previously with a different service or have collected numbers in the past, you can import those people who have already subscribed as long as you have some sort of record that these numbers have opted in. Remember, to remain legally compliant each person on your list must have explicitly opted in to receiving your group texts.

Text Your Group

Once you've built your list, you can start sending group texts. Here you can be creative. To get started, simply select the textword list you'll be sending your message to, compose your blast and then send it in real time or schedule it to be sent at a later date. We even offer the ability to automate some of your text messaging to help you stay focused on more important things.

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How Can a Group Texting App Help Your Organization?

Group texting is an efficient way to communicate with audiences of any size. See why businesses, nonprofits and organizations of all sizes are relying more and more on group text messaging services to reach their audiences.

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Communicate Important Reminders

Have a message you need to get to a broad audience? Whether it be a logistical change or reminder, group messaging allows you to type your message once and send it to your entire audience. That'll help you get the word out fast and keep everyone organized. Keep everyone in the loop at once with a strategy that's efficient and helpful. By having a group text messaging strategy in place you can make sure you're staying on the ball.

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Diversify Your Marketing

Today's best marketing strategies are built on diversifying content through different channels. Text messages are one form of communication people are actually paying attention to. While open rates for email might be dropping, around 98% of group text messages are opened and read within minutes of being received. Create a marketing plan that people will actually engage with and inspire your audience to action with a well crafted group texting strategy.

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Send Emergency Alerts

If you're creating an emergency communication plan you know how important it is to be able to get your message out quickly. Whether your emergency involves a natural disaster, gas leak, fire or active shooter, you'll want a simple way to communicate instantly. More and more organizations are implementing group text messaging into their plans for this very reason. An easy-to-use platform means you can streamline emergency responses, cut down on confusion and help create safety during high-stakes situations.

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Keep Employees Informed

Employees get a lot of email nowadays and can sometimes tune out important mass emails. Well-intentioned initiatives and crucial reminders can go unopened. No matter how helpful your latest resources or programs are, they're of no use if employees don't open their emails to read about them. Group texting helps you reach your employees where they won't ignore you—on their phones. Get your message out loud and clear.

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Legalities Around Group Texting

Group text messaging is federally regulated via the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). There are also regulatory bodies such as the CTIA and MMA which lay out detailed guidelines to ensure people stay compliant. They set forth the best practices that guide things like what constitutes opt-in consent and the types of content you can send via group text. While it's not that complicated, compliance really boils down to a couple things; making sure people have opted into receiving your texts and not sending message content that violates carrier guidelines.

For example, you cannot send group texts to people just because they've done business with you. They must explicitly opt in. Additionally, regarding content, you can't send text messages that contain violence, are related to illegal drug use, have adult material, contains profanities, hate speech or are in other ways deemed inappropriate. We're experts at compliance and can walk you through the do's and dont's to make sure you're good in this area. You can learn more now by checking out our SMS Compliance Guide.

Common Group Texting FAQs

Not totally sure what a group texting service is all about? Here are common questions that we get most often.

How can I send a group text without showing all the numbers?

In order to send a group text without showing all the numbers, you must use a legitimate group text messaging service. All outbound group texts are sent to individuals and all replies are private. Others have no visibility into who else is in the group and there’s no such thing as “reply all”. Additionally, people won’t struggle with trying to leave the group. They can simply reply with the word STOP to opt out.

How many people can I text using a group texting service?

With a group texting service, you can text any size group at once. This also gives people the ability to reply privately instead of to all. Then you can have direct one on one conversations with individuals without annoying everyone.

Is a group texting service pricey?

Group texting services are typically affordable for small and large organizations alike. Most services work to keep the cost of group texting at just pennies per text. Most pricing structures lower the cost of text messages the more you buy.

Can’t I just use an app like WhatsApp or iMessage?

Services such as WhatsApp and iMessage weren’t designed to be used to high volumes of text messages in a professional setting. Not only is the group size with these services limited to about 20 people, but there’s no way to ensure privacy — you can’t hide numbers or responses.

Is there a limit to how many texts I can send?

If you’re using a group texting service to send messages there isn’t a limit to how many texts you can send, in most cases. You’ll want to make sure you’re following spam laws and adhering to group text message best practice, however, your service should be able to easily advise you on what that looks like for your particular situation.

Can I add anyone to a group text?

If you’re using a group texting service you can text anyone you like as long as you can demonstrate that they have consented to receive text messages from you. This can easily be done by having people opt-in to receive your text messages via an online form or or texting to join.

Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText as Your Group Texting Service?

As you research group messaging you're bound to come across some of our competitors. We believe in our service and think we'll provide the best experience for you. Here's just a handful of things that make us stand out...

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Easy to Use Anywhere, Any Time

You can send group texts from anywhere with our handy mobile app or desktop platform. Compose and monitor group messaging from wherever you are and with the utmost ease.

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Send Now or Schedule for Later

Whether you want to send your group text immediately or schedule them months in advance, you'll be in good hands with our service. Send out timely alerts on the fly or plan out a year's worth of texts at one time.

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Legal Compliance

Laws governing group text messaging are easy to run afoul of if your text service isn't serious about compliance. We're strict in this area and provide the right training and tools to help you stay in the clear.

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Reliable Message Delivery

Group texting is worthless if your messages aren't getting delivered! We focus on best-in-class deliverability, making sure you don't have to worry that your recipients didn't get your messages.

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Top-Notch Customer Support

We're always available to help you dive deeper into group text messaging and take advantage of everything our app has to offer. Whether you need basic help getting started or want information on more advanced strategies, we're here to guide you.

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A Wide Array of Features

Our large feature library means you can run a basic group texting initiative or go deep on a complex strategy. If you have complexity in mind, we've probably already created a way for you to accomplish it with one of our 200+ features.

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