Enterprise level text marketing prices.

Competitive high volume pricing to meet your needs.

Texts / Month 65K - 100K 100K - 500K 500K - 1M 1M - 5M 5M - 10M
Textwords 30 60 100 100 100
Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rollover Texts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Per Text $.02 $.0175 $.015 $.0125 $.01

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions...

How do you count text messages?

Each text message is equal to one text to one phone number. In other words, if you have 100,000 subscribers on one of your text marketing lists and you send a campaign out to that list twice, you've used 200,000 messages.

What is a textword?

Textwords allow people to join your text marketing program by texting that textword to your short code. The process couldn't be easier. When a customer sends your textword to your short code, our system sends your custom auto-reply back and that subscriber's number is added to your text marketing list. Each textword represents its own list.

Is my textword available?

Click Here to check if your desired textword is available! Need help deciding? Just contact us, we'll give you our opinion. Remember, text marketing is about simplicity. Make sure you're textword is as short and easy as possible! If you have your own dedicated shortcode, you'll have access to any and all textwords.

Can I get help with my campaigns after I sign up?

Yes. One of the benefits of having an enterprise level text marketing plan with Slick Text is that you get 1 on 1 phone support with a real American expert whenever you need. We are incredibly serious about your success with text marketing and our platform.

What are rollover texts?

At the end of each billing period, whatever text messages you don't use will roll over into your next month!

What if I go over my monthly message allowance?

We've heard nightmares about companies charging overage fees to their customers for going past their monthly text allowance. We don't let that happen! We'll just give you a heads up if you don't have enough texts left for that billing period to send your message. We'll just ask you to wait till your next billing cycle or upgrade your plan. That way there are no surprise charges, ever!

Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

No way! You're billed on the monthly anniversary of your signup date and that's it. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your text marketing plan at any time.

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