What Is Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing?

What Is Broadcast Messaging in SMS Marketing?

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With open rates as high as 98%, texting is one of the most effective marketing methods you can use. Still, around ⅔ of marketers aren’t using SMS marketing as part of their strategy. 

Broadcast messaging refers to sending one or more messages to a bulk list of contacts. With broadcast messaging, you can take advantage of the speed and efficiency of SMS and reach your target audience at scale. Whether you want to send out time-sensitive mobile coupons, reminders for upcoming appointments, or even communicate with your internal team, broadcast text can do it all.

Learn more about the benefits of broadcast messaging, and see how it could benefit your business. 

What Is a Broadcast Text Message?

Also referred to as mass texts, broadcast texts are frequently sent using five or six-digit numbers called short codes. In order to send a broadcast message to someone, they must opt-in to receive your texts — or knowingly agree to join your list. That way, you avoid the risk of getting reported for spam texts.

This form of communication not only prevents group details from being shared, but also allows you to utilize both SMS and MMS messages, so you can send photos, GIFs, links, and more. 

How Can You Use Broadcast Texting?

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Almost every business, group, or organization can find a use for broadcast texting. Here are a few ways you can deploy this type of mass messaging to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Marketing and Promotions

One of the most common uses for broadcast texting is marketing and promotional purposes. Smartphone usage is almost ubiquitous worldwide. 77% of people are expected to own a smartphone by 2025 and 92% of Americans already own a text-enabled phone.

For marketers, there’s a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the popularity and deliverability of texting — especially if you use automated workflows to save even more time. Set up coupons, QR codes, surveys, contests, and more to go out based on specific triggers, and let your broadcast texting drive traffic wherever you want, whether that’s a certain website or a physical location. 

One-on-One Messaging

Communicating with people on your text list can help you answer questions, troubleshoot any issues, and provide rapid customer support. In fact, around 45% of people reply to branded text blasts that they receive. 

With SlickText’s broadcast messaging platform, any incoming messages you receive won’t count toward your message total, so you can have private conversations with ease. If one of your contacts responds to a text, we’ll create a private thread in your inbox so you can easily manage communications and see message history. 

Internal Communication

Broadcast texting can be incredibly useful for keeping your team organized. Whether it’s sending out regular scheduling updates, notifying employees about a last-minute change, or even streamlining the application process for new hires, mass texting simplifies internal communication. 

Additionally, if an employee requests a shift change or has a question, you can handle the request through your private inbox without worrying about them replying to the entire group. 

Time-Sensitive Messages & Reminders 

Since broadcast texts are delivered within seconds, they’re perfect for time-sensitive messages like flash sales, mealtime promotions, delivery notifications, and more. 

One more recent use of broadcast texting is for appointment reminders. Texts can be easily automated and personalized to include names, appointment dates and times, locations, and a number of other relevant details. After appointments, you can even use broadcast messaging to send invoices and payment reminders.

Collect Feedback

Reviews are more important than ever before, as 95% of consumers now read a review before they make a purchase. Not only that, 67% of people won’t even trust high ratings if they don’t also include written reviews. 

With broadcast texting, you can easily follow up with customers after they buy a product or service and request a review submission — you can even include a link to your review platform of choice. It’s a streamlined way to increase your brand’s reputation and keep a pulse on customer satisfaction. 

What Are the Benefits of Broadcast Texting?

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If you’re thinking of implementing broadcast texting but need some convincing, the benefits speak for themself. 


When you compare the scale at which you can reach customers and the time it takes to do so, broadcast texting gives you more bang for your buck than almost any other marketing method. When you use tools like SMS automation, you don’t even have to worry about carving out time or resources to send messages. 

Plus, with SlickText, you can scale your monthly plan up or down as needed. Any leftover texts you have will roll over into the next month. 

Wide Reach

Since over 90% of Americans have a text-enabled phone, broadcast texting gives you the potential to communicate with massive amounts of people, no matter their location. SlickText’s multiple opt-in methods give you options for growing your contact list. Plus, you won’t have to worry about outgrowing the platform — we can help you communicate with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. 

High Visibility

The average time a person spends on their smartphone per day is almost 3 hours, and over 6 billion texts are sent per day. Texting with your audience is the closest thing to foolproof communication that you’ll find. 

Easily Personalized

People tend to respond better when they feel seen by a message. Instead of providing a robotic automatic reply, broadcast texting allows you to customize your messages to each individual on your contact list. By collecting and using data like names, birthdays, locations, order dates, and more, you can easily insert personal information into all of your messages. 

Detailed Analytics

The right broadcast texting platform will come equipped with data and analytics. This information allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your messages. With SlickText, you can see who clicked links, redeemed offers, opted in or out, and more, then adjust your promotions and content to increase engagement. 

Why Use SlickText for Broadcast Texting?

As the trusted leader in SMS marketing, SlickText offers an all-in-one platform for all of your broadcast text messaging needs. Some of our most popular features and functions include:

  • Automated workflows 
  • Built-in compliance
  • Fanatical in-house support
  • A dedicated mobile app
  • Detailed analytics
  • Private inboxing

Ready to learn more about what we have to offer? Kick things off with a free trial, learn more about broadcast messages, or get in touch with our team today.