Text Marketing Vs. Email Marketing: Which One Packs a Bigger Punch? [Infographic]

As a business owner, you’ve probably been introduced to email marketing, at the very least. It’s safe to say that most of you frequently use this mass communication method to grow your business. You reach out to list subscribers to promote special offers or offer valuable information. Now, if you nodded your head in agreement with any of these statements, here’s a question for you. Have you ever thought about giving text message marketing a try? This method is one of the most affordable and immediate mobile communication tactics out there. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the facts.¬†We recently released this infographic that compares text marketing to email marketing. Skim through to learn more about open rates, click through rates, and overall effectiveness.Text Message Marketing


Although email marketing is still effective, you’ll observe insane results when pairing this old school method with text message marketing. Never rely on one tactic to grow your business. Instead, adopt multiple strategies that make sense for your customers and the designated product or service.

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