Text Marketing Benefits Non-Profits

Text Marketing For Non ProfitsA text marketing campaign is a terrific way to advertise promotions and events at your non-profit organization. SMS, or texting as it is more informally known, is a way to get your information directly to your target audience. You reach them in real time and provide an exciting offer they cannot refuse. This is a win-win combination.

Conducting your Text Marketing Campaign

The first step in an text marketing campaign is to gather all the cell numbers of your current customers and lists of potential or target customers. These target customers are people that are likely to be attracted to the services of your non-profit and may be donors or businesses that can supply your organization resources. This can be those who have helped your organization in one way or another. You can also advertise the availability of your marketing list to gain more customers your way. Secondly, your text marketing campaign must be short and concise. You need to be able to convey in a short message what it is that you desire. Are you looking to raise funds, promote an upcoming event, or gain awareness of a service that your offer. You must define the message and word it in the most effective manner possible. The third item that needs addressed when launching an text marketing campaign involves follow-up. Once you define and send your message, you need to have a plan to lead your patrons to the next step in the process. This next step may involve getting them to an event or setting up a direct call to inquire about funds.

Enjoy the Rewards

Once you have setup and executed your text marketing plan, you can sit back and enjoy its many rewards. By reaching a greater number of people your potential donations will go up. You also get your message out and your brand awareness is increased. Another great benefit is that you remind your donors or volunteers about your organization. It’s good for them to have reminders from time to time. If you allow people to get into the habit of forgetting about your mission, then less people will be willing to help. You must provide constant reminders to your target audience and show them that there’s a need. You can also share success stories with them as a means to motivate them for future service. Text marketing is a great way to help your non-profit move forward and succeed.

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