The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic]

Today we’re super pumped to release our second original inforgaphic of the year! This one is called “The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013” and it highlights 3 key components of digital marketing that businesses and organizations should be focusing on for 2013. These components include social media marketing, content marketing and mobile / SMS marketing.

Each of these marketing streams carry an extremely significant amount of weight within their respected area and we felt it was necessary to highlight some core stats of each. Although here at SlickText, we are focused primarily on SMS marketing, we know that any business who’s serious about a solid marketing strategy must build a foundation upon several different streams. This new inforgraphic sports some impressive stats that will help you to understand exactly why social, content, and mobile / Text marketing is so important. We hope you enjoy. Please share your comments below!


The Digital Marketing Trio - Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing


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