Text Santa This Christmas

Text Santa This Christmas

This Christmas, get a dose of a Christmas cheer by signing up for jolly texts from the North Pole.

It’s 2019 and if you didn’t know by now, Santa is hip and with it: he texts! For the Christmas season, Santa wants to text you and your family updates as he prepares for his favorite night of the year. Whether you’re a child, adult or senior, Santa has something special up his sleeve just for you. So get into the Christmas spirit by signing up now. 

How do I start receiving texts from Santa?

It might be hard to get on Santa’s nice list, but it’s really easy to get on his text list. Here are the steps. 

Step 1: Sign up using the form above. Be sure to correctly input your name, and the names of any children who will be receiving texts. Santa will send different texts for each age group, so make sure to indicate what age group you want texts for. You can select more than one. 

Step 2: Reply to the first text. After you input your details, you’ll receive a text message confirming you want to receive texts from Santa. We do this to make sure no one is signing you up for text messages without your consent. Reply “Yes,” to the first text you get, then you’ll be on your way from there! 

Step 3: Look for Santa’s first text Dec 1: Santa will officially start texting on December 1, so get ready!

Is it really Santa who will be texting me?

Yes, of course! Unless one of the elves or Mrs. Claus steals his phone and takes over. But they’ll be sure to identify themselves.

Is the content child friendly?

Yes, definitely. Santa actually has something different to say for each age group, so make sure you indicate what age group you’re signing up for. You can sign up for texts for more than one age group by making multiple selections on the sign up form. 

Is it free?


How many texts will I receive from Santa? What will they say?

You can expect a text from Santa approximately once every five days starting December 1, and then once a day in the week leading up to Christmas. Santa expects to send Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes, facts — little reminders to help make the Christmas season exciting. Plus, he might need to verify some facts with you as he makes his list and checks it twice. 

P.S. Santa wanted to say that even though he’s excited to text you, he knows the smartphone addiction statistics are startling. So, don’t spend ALL your time on the phone this holiday season. Make sure you’re connecting with the people you love most, too!

Will I receive spam text messages if I give my number?

Nope, your phone number will only be used to send you texts from Santa. You won’t be asked to buy anything and you won’t be contacted again after Christmas. Santa gets a bit worn out after his big night and likes to hit the golf course for the rest of the year. If at any point you want to stop receiving texts from Santa you can always reply STOP to opt out. We’re just doing this to spread Christmas cheer. 

Who is SlickText?

SlickText is a mass text message marketing platform that specializes in helping businesses and organizations communicate through professional SMS messages. Our mission is to connect the world through text messaging and we provide ecommerce marketing solutions, corporate communications text messaging and even help create text messaging solutions for non profits. There’s no doubt that text messaging is one of the top forms of communication today, and we’re pros at providing user-friendly text marketing solutions. 

We’re launching these Santa texts as a fun way to spread Christmas cheer and joy during the season of giving. We’re not making a dime off this project, we’re just doing it as our way of making the world a bit brighter at this time of the year. We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year!). 

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