Yes to Text Marketing for Your Health

Text Marketing For HealthCareThe surveys were given, and the results might surprise you: there is a whopping 80% of smartphone users who would like to receive text marketing health alerts. The survey, conducted by FICO, shows that technology is indeed our friend, and that consumers would love to be able to simply get a text or notification from their health care provider than deal with them in other means.

Not only did the survey reveal this high percentage of interested individuals for health alerts, it also revealed that about 76% of the people wouldn’t mind getting text marketing appointment reminders, either. How about a medication reminder so you never again forget when it is time to take your medication? Mail—order pharmacies, hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies and other similar companies were all cited for benefit  through SMS services.

Smartphones are in the hands of most people these days, and with their range of capabilities, they make life easy. Smartphones already offer so very much in the palm of the users hands, and having the ability to access health information  in addition to all of the awesomeness that is already offered, smartphone users across the world truly can have the world at their fingertips. More and more health care providers are listening, and meeting this mobile technology demand customers need, with an expected growth in those numbers in the years ahead.