What We Can Learn from Reese’s Text to Win Contest

Did you know that internationally recognized brands use text message marketing to increase sales and customer interaction? Just to name a few, Coca Cola, Coors Light, and Reese’s all take advantage of this immediate and affordable communication method. Why? Because it’s a great way to encourage customers or potential customers to take instant action.

Pictured below is a campaign Reese’s ran back during the 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four. With big brands, text to win contests are very common. This is how they get the highest amount of opt ins during a short period of time.  Although Reese’s allowed fans to enter via web sign up form, there was a text message marketing call to action beneath the Enter Now button.

This gave fans a variety of different sign up options. While some might’ve had the time to fill out a web form, others preferred texting in to win.

Text Message Marketing

After texting REESES to 44144, entrants were taken through the following campaign flow.

  • A birth date verification message, which confirmed that entrants met proper compliance
  • The option to join their email list, which allowed Reese’s to connect with fans on multiple platforms
  • Text message notifying subscribers of their instant win status
  • Text message confirming entry into the grand prize drawing

Here’s what you, the text message marketing user, can learn from this campaign.

  1. When looking to rapidly grow your list, rely on text to win contests.
  2. Make sure the prize offers extreme value, this will encourage the maximum amount of opt ins.
  3. Always deliver. Do what you say you’re going to do. In this case, Reese’s made sure to immediately notify subscribers about their instant win status.
  4. Use text message marketing to connect with subscriber’s on other communication channels. Ask for their email address, or invite them to connect on social media.

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