UK Text Message Marketing Crackdown

Text Message Marketing in the UKIn the six month period between April and November 2013 a total of 120,310 nuisance calls were reported to the ICO. For these calls fines were mandated which brought a total of  £2.54 million, and those companies who made the calls were shunned on the website of the ICO. Now government and legislature is getting even tougher for those who are placing these calls. It even includes text marketing messages that are unauthorized or considered spam.

The new Action Plan the government put into place makes it easier for a company to commit one of these acts. Fines that can equal up to 20% of the company’s annual revenue could be imposed as the consequence now that the tougher laws are in place. For some companies this could results in fines that exceed one million or more.

Many people are welcoming these changes and embracing them with open arms, including the Direct marketing Association. According to this agency and many others, these annoying calls are very damaging, and thanks to the new laws that have been put ton place, they can finally find some relief from those calls. It is a beneficial plan for both the consumer as well as businesses who have a legitimate offer to give.